The Boy Next Door

Randy Edelman and Nathan Barr

" 36 Minutes too long! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Sometimes you wonder why some soundtracks get released, and some don't. The first falls on The Boy Next Door. At first I was pretty interested, considering Randy Edelman came back from hibernation. But upon closer inspection, this feels more like Nathan Barr to me than anything else. I just don't hear Randy in this. Not his cheaper "darker" music, not his suspenseful tone, and definitely not his happier tunes. No this is dark moody music that doesn't require the happier tones of Edelman, but more the mood and soundscape of Nathan Barr. I don't know Barr enough to put it all on him, but from what I heard of him in the past this feels more like his cup of tea (of course I could be wrong). Ah whoever composed this, it's pretty boring nonetheless. Again, mood music like this has some kind of purpose in the film, but here it just sounds dull. Even the many cues featuring vocalist Lisbeth Scott do nothing but portray her voice softly. There's hardly any emotion coming from her voice, and that's no blame on her, just on the music that doesn't even think about creating any sort of emotion. Even "Love Scene" is as bleak as they come. The Boy Next Door will have an audience, just don't expect it to be many.

Uninteresting score, mood and uninteresting suspense from start to finish.
I don't hear Randy Edelman in this, too bad.

Track Listing

1. Running * (1.56)
2. Garage * (2014)
3. Pie (0.58)
4. Poets * (0.49)
5. More Than That * (1.25)
6. Nicest Thing * (1.28)
7. Breakdown * (1.07)
8. Drinking Wine * (1.57)
9. Love Scene * (3.12)
10. About Us * (1.06)
11. Graffiti (1.33)
12. Flowers (1.31)
13. Classroom Panic * (2.04)
14. Where's the Video * (2.11)
15. Switching Cars * (2.08)
16. Sneaking (2.57)
17. The Barn * (6.20)
18. Have a Blast * (1.23)

* Featuring Lisbeth Scott

Total Length: 36.19
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 067 324 (regular release 2015)