The Chairman

Jerry Goldsmith

" Asian Jerry is always good for a moment or two "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

What hasn't Jerry Goldsmith done that he couldn't handle? Well he definitely could score Asian music because he had a real knack for it. Like The Sand Pebbles, The Chairman oozes class and above all color. Goldsmith never forgot to bring forth color to his music, whether it was through distinctive instruments or through the power of the orchestra. Here he does both, even though the sound quality doesn't see it that way. I've been told this Prometheus version delivers better sound quality, but it of course can't reach the clarity we are used to today. Of course one could only do so much with music back from the late 60's. And still, For those who want to hear "Main Title" in pristine sound quality, just check out the release of Tadlow's The Blue Max. It will give you the answer to hear The Chairman re recorded. To get back to this specific track, this track has it all. Power, rhythm, quality and above all development. It transforms in the second part and it goes for a finale. The material after that focuses more on the love theme, and boy it does it ever so gently. It's however in the rhythmic second part that Goldsmith is again able to flex those muscles. And once again here the sound quality just can't deliver the power and aggressiveness of cues such as "Escape" and "Fire Fight" (cues the Tadlow release sadly doesn't have). I truly believe that with a re recording, The Chairman (like many scores of Goldsmith) would soar even more. Again, those main titles and end titles are the BOM, and show again the kind of quality today's composers are lacking. Too bad the sound couldn't match the scope of it.

I adore Goldsmith in Asian mode, he's got the rhythmic and melodic voice for it. ("Main Title" and "End Title").
Nothing wrong with the quality of the music. Detail, power, color. Goldsmith in a nutshell.
The sound may be better than before, it still can't deliver the power of this score profoundly.

Track Listing

1. The World That Only Lovers See (love theme from The Chairman) * (2.27)
2. Main Title (3.22) Excellent track
3. Good-bye For Now (1.45)
4. A Late Visitor (2.45)
5. The Tour (2.42)
6. Soong Chu (2.19)
7. The Red Guard (3.14)
8. Hathaway's Farewell (2.44)
9. Escape (2.04)
10. Fire Fight (3.20)
11. The Fence (1.47)
12. End Title (3.10) Excellent track

* Piano solo by Jerry Goldsmith

Total Length: 31.39
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Released by

Prometheus PCD 158 (regular release 2005)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Gary Hughes

Performed by

The London Studio Symphony Orchestra