The Day of the Dolphin

Georges Delerue

" Lovely main theme versus dark eerie suspense "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

All things have been done to animals, so several bombs strapped to a dolphin makes utter sense in HOLLYWOOD. What didn't make sense was the attachment of Georges Delerue at first. After all the tale is quite dark and suspenseful. And this is exactly what you get during most of the time. Most of the time, considering Delerue left his mark on the animals themselves. Their theme is typical Delerue loveliness, even though it sounds a little bit sad from time to time ("FA Meets Bee"). The darker and sinister backbone of the story is definitely reflected in Delerue's music, making for not the most pleasant listening but definitely the most effective listening. Sadly if you want to take in the good (the beauty and heart of the main theme), you have to accept the darkness and the suspense of the story as well. Luckily The Day of the Dolphin isn't that long, and the good does outweigh the average.

Can not lack on a Delerue score, the lovely flutes during the main theme and how it pours emotion in the track "Nocturne".
That emotional main theme makes all the difference. What would it have been if it wasn't there?
Eerie suspense is effective but average, this part doesn't sell the listen.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (0.36)
2. The Red Ball (0.33)
3. Circles and Squares (1.48)
4. Shock Treatment * (1.06)
5. Return to the Island (1.02)
6. Nocturne (3.20) Excellent track
7. Blackmail Meeting * (1.53)
8. FA Counts * (0.50)
9. FA Meets Bee * (0.51)
10. FA and Bee Swim Together (1.15)
11. Suspicious Noises (1.21)
12. FA and Bee Reunited (1.31)
13. Sneaking Up On Us (0.55)
14. Spying On the Docks / Mr. Stone in Alpha House / Boat Stinger * (2.16)
15. The Boat Returns * (0.33)
16. The Dummy Mine (1.26)
17. Finding the Flag (2.14)
18. Goodbyes (0.58)
19. Dolphin Hunt (0.57)
20. FA and Bee Return * (0.40)
21. The Chase (3.29)
22. Farewell ** (6.30)
23. End Credits (1.55)

Bonus Tracks
24. Theme From The Day of the Dolphin (2.19)
25. Reunited (Alternate) * (1.31)

* Previously Unreleased
** Not Heard in the Finished Film

Total Length: 41.49
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Released by

Percepto Records PERCEPTO-025 (limited release 2008)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue