The Distinguished Gentleman

Randy Edelman

" Overall easy to appreciate "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Jonathan Lynn's hit of 1992 remained My Cousin Vinny, no matter if Eddie Murphy starred in the other one namely The Distinguished Gentleman. Then again, if you compare the music, one must favor The Distinguished Gentleman over My Cousin Vinny. If only for its more interesting sound, it's more diverse pallette of themes and sounds. Strange considering the quality of the films, but music doesn't always go hand in hand with the quality of its partner. Anyway for The Distinguished Gentleman there is at least a diverse sound. Several bouncy themes, one more Caribbean than the other, and serviceable underscore. It opens perhaps with the most bouncy and most fun cue of all. The Caribbean flair and the typical easy going Edelman style makes "Where the Money Is", "Perks" and "On the Campaign Trail" the most enjoyable moment of the disc. A secondary theme is a mix between the Beethoven cuteness and the Gettysburg like triumph (though don't let this fool you to believe it's as great as Gettysburg). Anyway "The Distinguished Gentleman" and "Reprise of The Distinguished Gentleman and Finale" are typical Edelman cues. Yet occasional side cues attract your attention as well, like the brief Chinese opening in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" or the comedic weirdness of "Three Ring Hearing Room". It might not all be high quality, but at least it gets noticed through its diversity. As said, My Cousin Vinny lacked above all a theme, The Distinguished Gentleman doesn't. And it makes a world of difference.

Damn, what a fun theme. A bit tacky, but a load of fun.
Even the smaller moments remain fun and interesting.

Track Listing

1. Where the Money is (2.51)
2. The Distinguished Gentleman (2.07)
3. A kiss by the Potomac (1.51)
4. Wrong place, Wrong Time (1.48)
5. Mr Johnson Finds a Cause (1.14)
6. Girls of Many Nations in D.C. (1.39)
7. Lucrative is Luncheon (1.27)
8. Trouble (1.22)
9. Perks (1.18)
10. A Quick Getaway (0.36)
11. Soft Rebellion (1.22)
12. Three Ring Hearing Room (1.01)
13. Taking Sides on the Issue (1.16)
14. You, Me and a Martini (2.58)
15. Art of the Con (1.44)
16. On the Campaign Trail (2.08)
17. Reprise of The Distinguished Gentleman and Finale (2.24)

Total Length: 29.06
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5402 (regular release 1992)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Randy Edelman & Greig McRitchie