The Grudge 2

Christopher Young

" Ah drats, another spooky white child "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

If you start a series, by mere end it. Perhaps he felt it wasn't worthy anymore for The Grudge 3, but at least Christopher Young wanted to end it with The Grudge 2. Don't know why but movie wise it should have ended with The Grudge 1. Because 2 is not what you'd call a pretty decent movie. In fact, it is a laughable movie and if there was someone who actually was scared while watching the second movie, it meant they haven't seen the first because every trick in the book was used already there, extensively.

Of course that counted as well for Christopher Young's score, because The Grudge was an onslaught (but a good one) of horrific orchestral music. And the question would then be a simple one, would it be a reprise of the first? Well, then you don't know Christopher Young that well because he always loves to surprise you, even in a genre he has virtually written every possible music for.

The Grudge 2 starts with "Ju-On 2" and the reprise of the only material that needed to return, namely its spooky theme. But here a mere choir gives it a lot more oomph (and especially diversity).

In "Hitan" we discover that mystery doesn't need to be frightening when Young goes for a subtle sound. And yet "Gishiki" does it eerier. Soft shrieking strings, vocal effects, percussion and ethnic material are but several parts that make you unease, even in your very own room. "Higeki" by then returns to softer material.

But you already guessed it, The Grudge 2 just isn't the same as its predecessor. And that's always a good thing. See for yourself. "Seme", "Ritsuzen" and "Akuma" (the best one of them all) are the same horrific horror writing we heard during the first one, but "Hitoribocchi" bringing a lovely version of the main theme while the second part of "Shikoyi" is a hypnotizing soft vocal piece. The last track "Inochi" returns by then with the main theme alongside soft choir, strings and ethnic flutes. You see, difference abound.

To call The Grudge 2 better than the first is not what I would call good advice. It harkens back on the horror of the first, and often with the same detailed horrific results. But unlike the first, the second just shows you a lot more softer and eerier material that takes your mind of the horror from time to time. But there's plenty of shrieks and material to be scared with, and now Young puts ethnic flutes during the dissonant stings to make you feel Ju-On'ed for the second time.


1. Ju-On 2 (2.53)
2. Hitan (2.33)
3. Gishiki (5.18)
4. Higeki (3.24)
5. Seme (2.44)
6. Hitoribocchi (3.05)
7. Bourei (3.35)
8. Koukai (3.35)
9. Ritsuzen (3.43)
10. Shikyo (5.59)
11. Akuma (3.50)
12. Inochi (5.02)

Total Length: 45.46
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 066 771 2 (regular release 2006)

Conducted by

Hummie Mann

Orchestrations by

Sean McMahon, David Sheppard & Martin St. Pierre