The Hollars

Josh Ritter

" A great background experience "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the download only release

You probably guessed it by now, but The Hollars was a lovely surprise for me. Infectious, cool, laid back and utterly easy to listen to. Both the songs and the score complement one another, and somehow this laid back feeling made me want to listen to it again and again. It's not a proper film score, it doesn't accentuate the feelings on screen for you to cry on that specific moment. But the overall feeling is nonetheless damn enticing, and perhaps it will help the film even more. For those that want a lovely time whilst doing something else, please give this one a go. It's got vibes, rhythm and heart, and for once both songs and score complement each other extremely well. It's the kind of soundtracks I love to hear again and again.

Score's full of good vibes and rhythms.
"Girl in the War" is damn infectious, smooth rhythm and a pleasant vibe.
The cool mix between the bass and the piano in "Monster Ballads" is damn infectious.
Perhaps one of the best background scores I've heard recently.

Track List

1. Bonfire (2.55)
2. Man on Fire: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (4.18) Excellent track
3. The Curse (5.00)
4. Another Story: The Head and the Heart (4.33)
5. Girl in the War (4.28) Excellent track
6. Thin Blue Flame (9.45)
7. Monster Ballads (4.14) Excellent track
8. Closer to Fine: The Indigo Girls (4.01)
9. Best For the Best (Acoustic) (4.00)
10. Folk Bloodbath (5.16)
11. Airline to Heaven: Billy Bragg & Wilco (4.51)

Total Length: 53.21
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Released by

Lakeshore Records no label number (download only release 2016)