The Hunley

Randy Edelman

" It's not Gettysburg, but it's a start "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Hunley is Not Gettysburg, but it's a step in the good direction. It's melodic, rather dark but never burdensome. Plus it has a lot of interesting ideas and for once the suspenseful darker music doesn't detract. Even more, it sometimes makes the experience. There's a potent main theme for solo trumpet on board, giving us the necessary chills. There's enough drama on board too, often performed by solo piano that's easily likeable ("War and Romance"), all while the action and suspenseful music is at times interesting. It's still rather dark, but for once it doesn't fall in the trap of the cheesy Edelman way, making it at times rather potent for it's duration. Even more surprising is the addition of a subtheme in the veins of Come See the Paradise, giving us for brief seconds the thrill of a typical Edelman tune. All in all, though The Hunley is far from the next Gettysburg, it's a pleasing score for a dark sunday afternoon.

Lonesome trumpet theme.
Action / suspense music is less intrusive, it's much more interesting and potent at times.
Has an action motif in the veins of Come See the Paradise (appearing several times throughout the score).

Track Listing

1. Waves of Brotherhood (1.35)
2. Echoes in the Distance (1.09)
3. Dark Seas (Opening) (3.42)
4. The Battle Begins in a City of Flames (3.43)
5. Training for the Dive (0.50)
6. First Outing (2.34)
7. Flashback to an Early Love (1.03)
8. Aquamarine Angel (3.47)
9. Storming Combat (2.14)
10. The Test Begins (5.07)
11. Mission Improbable (1.44)
12. Goodbyes (1.20)
13. Final Assault (3.04)
14. War and Romance (1.18)
15. Torpedo on the Loose (2.09)
16. Spiffing up the Hunley (0.56)
17. Boarding the Sub (1.38)
18. Reprise of Waves of Brotherhood (Finale) (2.38)

Total Length: 40.31
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Released by

Milan Records 35878 (regular release 1999)