The Last Legion

Patrick Doyle

" The Last True Thunderous Doyle? "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Who would have thought that 2006 and 2007 would unleash some of the last thunderous scores of Patrick Doyle? A man who made a name with this style from the beginning on, but now it's been absent for more than 10 years. But with Eragon and The Last Legion you still have a stomp ahead, a blaze, a thundering fanfare and a mighty percussion. The Last Legion is in that regard quite similar to Eragon. Similar in its mighty action pieces, or in its mighty tone. A track like "Death of Vortgyn" is one of the mightiest of them all, a send off and a blazing action piece for percussion, trumpets and choir. The main fanfare is a strong one as well, a heroic mighty piece that's perhaps repeated way too much. In that regard, The Last Legion is lacking some diversity, to let rest this mighty ode for something different. So in that aspect I prefer Eragon to this one, despite being quite the same in over abundance of theme usage. Still this score is a strong one, and perhaps one of the last to hold that strong Doyle potency. So embrace it as you will.

Doyle doesn't wait to unleash his mighty main theme upon us. And it makes an impression.
Ferocious, with lots of rhythm and plenty of brass. The action music doesn't hold back.
Fanfares, percussion and choir is all what unravels "Death of Vortgyn", a mighty send off.
The Last Legion is perhaps lacking diversity, it's quite a one theme minded score.

Track Listing

1. Sacred Pentangle (2.57) Excellent track
2. Coronation (2.16) Excellent track
3. Goths Seize Rome (4.14)
4. Wrong Answer (2.07)
5. Secret Sword (5.53)
6. Escape From Capri (3.23)
7. Nestor's Betrayal (3.15)
8. Journey to Britannia (2.30)
9. Hadrian's Wall (2.15)
10. Excalibur (1.51)
11. Sword Play Romance (1.12)
12. Who Killed Them? (3.14)
13. The Battle of Hadrian's Wall (6.17)
14. Death of Vortgyn (4.18) Excellent track
15. No More War (5.41) Excellent track

Total Length: 51.23
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 066 820 2 (regular release 2007)

Conducted by

James Shearman

Orchestrations by

Patrick Doyle, James Shearman, James McWilliam & Paul Englishby

Performed by

The London Symphony Orchestra