The List of Adrian Messenger

Jerry Goldsmith

" The second part makes everything good again "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

The List of Adrian Messenger (recently released by Varèse) was one of the oldest unreleased efforts of Jerry Goldsmith. Considering this situation is now rectified, it is clear why it remained such a long awaited release. Because at first this is not an easy affair. Goldsmith's stamp is over all the place, weaving his theme through the many sinister and uneasy situations. So detail is not the issue here. It's more the presentation of this detail in the first part. If you already have a problem with the sound of it, then chances are you'll not fall madly in love with the presentation of the uneasiness of the situations. But I have to say it clearly enough, throughout the second part this doesn't become an issue anymore. The uneasiness now makes more way for more streamlined listening, and the theme goes center stage as it fuels the rhythm in "It's a Drag", or when it creates a pleasing finale in "End Cast". Actually the turning point became the exciting brass play and rhythm in "Beagles and Fox". Just like the entire score it's filled with Goldsmith's attention to detail, but now it's fully alive and kicking with Goldsmith's exciting attention to rhythm. Luckily things turned out for the better near the end, because at first The List of Adrian Messenger is a bit harsh and uneasy. But as the path clears for the second part, so too does your listening experience.

The second part is much more entertaining than the first.
What an exciting piece of music, "Beagles and Fox" is this score's winner.
Considering the era the sound quality is good enough, considering the age of the recording.
The first act is not terribly easy, a rather uneasy affair.

Track List

1. Prologue / Main Title / Gleneyre (5.10)
2. Death in Disguise (3.27)
3. Le Borg Remembers (1.13)
4. Back in the Ditch (0.58)
5. Cat and Louse (4.07)
6. It's A Gasser (1.07)
7. Lost Love (1.28)
8. Assault on Slattery (2.03)
9. The Brush Off (0.50)
10. The Gypsy (1.41)
11. Beagles and Fox (2.59) Excellent track
12. Quail Hunt (1.02)
13. Baiting the Trap (2.17)
14. It's a Drag (3.35)
15. Broom's Doom (3.18)
16. End Cast (3.10)

Total Length: 38.25
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VCL 0214 1149 (limited release 2014)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Performed by

The Hollywood Studio Symphony