The Lonely Guy

Jerry Goldsmith

" The Last undiscovered Goldsmith? "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Who knew we would get a totally new Goldsmith score amidst all those complete, expanded and deluxe editions? The Lonely Guy took us all by surprise, giving many fans a chance to hear a new unheard off Goldsmith score. The score is based on the theme that you'll first discover in song format, sung by America. In the song it doesn't make a large impression. It improves though when Goldsmith starts toying around with it. That said, you'll have to get over the ugly synths in the beginning. Because when Ms. Deagle (Gremlins) herself comes out of "In Dedication" you'll really have to say to yourself, this better not be for the entire soundtrack. Luckily that isn't the case. The score remains largely synthesized, but portions of semi orchestral color begins to push through from time to time. The theme itself makes a lot of appearances, sometimes followed by pleasant bouncy rhythms ("The Magazines"). The score itself has a bunch of short cues, not helping the development of any noteworthy material at all. Luckily, by that time you've already embraced the theme, making it a simple tune to appreciate during those many short cues. And by the time you enter the longest track "The Wedding" you'll appreciate the zaniness even more, even though it's like listening to The Looney Tunes but then with synthesizers.

The many additional tracks don't aid the experience, making Goldsmith's selection rather short when come to think of it. And let me directly say that The Lonely Guy is far from a powerful treasure that any Goldsmith fan should have to obtain. No The Lonely Guy has got spunk and it listens quite smoothly, if you get over the zany feel of it, and the fact it's mostly synthesized. If you accept the intentions of Goldsmith I can even amuse myself with various moments. But it will never become a long lost treasure, so don't expect miracles and maybe you'll appreciate it too.

Even though the score is really silly, somehow Jerry's able to put a smile on your face.
The theme, the ideas, they ain't high art but it gets the job done.
Yes, I know. Synths. And the tacky ones. Goldsmith is hit and miss in these situations.
Somehow I have a feeling that the score would have been even more enjoyable if we just had longer tracks.

Track Listing

1. The Lonely Guy: Max Carl (3.43)
2. Oughta Know Love By Now: Winston Ford (3.22)
3. Don't Call Me Lonely: Gerard McMahon (2.45)
4. Love Comes Without Warning – Main Title: America (3.38)
5. In Dedication (Revised #6) (1.35)
6. House Hunt (1.26)
7. Rock Source (0.33)
8. Joggers Do It (Version 2) (0.56)
9. No Number (2.18)
10. Where Are You? (0.35)
11. So Empty (0.25)
12. Love Comes Without Warning (Piano Solo) (1.34)
13. I Understand (1.17)
14. Wait For the Beep (Revised) (0.41)
15. The Book (0.59)
16. The Magazines (Version 3) (0.39)
17. Times Past (0.41)
18. Dog Overboard (0.50)
19. Short Show (0.25)
20. The Wedding (Version 2) (3.03)
21. Too Late (0.58)
22. Abandon Ship (Revised #3) (1.32)
23. Love Comes Without Warning (Instrumental #2) (3.02)

Alternates and Revisions
24. In Dedication (Version 1) (1.32)
25. In Dedication (Version 2) (1.35)
26. In Dedication (Revised #1) (1.35)
27. In Dedication (Revised #2) (1.35)
28. In Dedication (Revised #3) (1.33)
29. In Dedication (Revised #4) (1.34)
30. In Dedication (Revised #5) (1.34)
31. Joggers Do It (Version 1) (0.54)
32. Wait For the Beep (Original) (0.42)
33. The Magazines (Version 1) (0.43)
34. The Magazines (Version 2) (0.40)
35. The Wedding (Version 1) (3.04)
36. Abandon Ship (Original) (1.41)
37. Abandon Ship (Revised #1) (1.42)
38. Abandon Ship (Revised #2) (1.43)
39. Abandon Ship (Revised #4) (0.30)
40. Love Comes Without Warning (Instrumental #1) (2.58)
41. The Wedding (Version 1 Remix) (3.01)
42. No Number (Album Remix) (2.16)
43. Abandon Ship (Wild Synth) (0.17)

Total Length: 68.06
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 416 (regular release 2018)