The Mask

Randy Edelman


Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Mask is perfect (and I mean absolutely perfect) for the picture. The music elevates the craziness, the coolness and the wackiness enormously well. On disc it's not always that easy, BUT there are enough moments to get excited about. Packed with several moments of uber coolness and you have a good enough CD that will be appreciated by the person who actually heard it in context first.

The main theme, what a knockout. The way it opens the movie, just damn brilliant.
Truth be told, all moments where the themes makes its entrance ("Carnival", "Transformation", "Out of the Line of Fire", "Dorian Gets a New Face") elevates the power of this music.
An overblown romantic theme, but again for this kind of picture just perfect in "Tina", followed by a more sincere love theme in "Lovebirds" and "Finale".
The upbeat music for Milo, it works every time.
Like the main theme, there's a uber coolness about the heroic music when "Milo to the Rescue" happens, it truly is damn exciting.
It is definitely a very wacky affair, and one must learn to accept it.
I keep repeating myself, but the suspense material doesn't always mesh well with the other music (parts of "Dorian Gets a New Face" when there's an unbelievable cheap sounding effect at 1.51.

Track Listing

1. Opening - The Origin of the Mask (3.20)
2. Tina (1.59)
3. Carnival (2.19)
4. Transformation (2.17)
5. Tango in the Park (2.10)
6. Lovebirds (2.43)
7. Out of the Line of Fire (2.08)
8. A Dark Night (2.18)
9. The Man Behind the Mask (2.00)
10. Dorian Gets a New Face (3.04)
11. Looking for a Way Out (1.37)
12. The Search (1.08)
13. Forked Tongue (1.48)
14. Milo to the Rescue (2.43)
15. The Mask is Back (2.18)
16. Finale (1.47)

Total Length: 35.39
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Released by

Tristar Music WK 66646-2 (regular release 2016)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro