The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Jerry Goldsmith

" Apparently reincarnations are subtle things "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud is one of the odd entries of Goldsmith's career. Odd considering the tone. A mix between the synthesizers and the orchestra, a combination that always intrigued Goldsmith. Neither are too overpowering, yet neither are also over-conquering. The score remains quite subtle, even though there could have been room for something quite larger. So, no Poltergeist balls to the walls style here, but subtle music instead. As said, Goldsmith continuously toys with the style, moving from synthesizers to orchestra back to the electronics. The music immediately conveys a deeper class once those melodies emerge in true orchestral form, giving it a deeper sense of drama. The synthesizers confuse the listener instead, much like the character in the film. Goldsmith was always fond to toy with his electronics, and even if they have some sort of spell on you, they are also take it or leave it. The main theme is quite lovely, quite easy, quite appropriate. It's also the only theme you'll remember. For the rest it's a lot of eeriness and a lot of ultra light suspense. It's furthermost the piano that often ignites the interest, as it always brings forth some class of mystery and subtle drama. It's only at the very end that some louder attacking suspense begins to take over ("Final Confrontation"). Therefore I don't see a lot of people hating this score, because the class lies in the subtlety of the score, but neither is it a score that will attract a lot of listeners back for a second or third spin. It's actually an intriguing background score whilst reading a good thriller novel. And what is better than Goldsmith on the background creating that subtle suspense for you instead?

Goldsmith remains himself, even though it's subtle it's also very distinguished and classy.
The main theme is quite simple but quite simple to love as well.
The synthesizers are effective for the film, but quite dodgy too, especially for the younger listeners amongst us.
This is not the masterpiece to begin your Goldsmith collection with, it's for the trained ears of Goldsmith who appreciate it all.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (3.25)
2. After Thoughts (0.25)
3. Old Lovers (1.33)
4. Classic Cars (1.51)
5. Short Changed (0.43)
6. No Dreams (1.00)
7. Occult Academy (1.59)
8. Night Studies (1.13)
9. Enough Suffering (1.04)
10. 12-String Guitar Source / Late Show (1.38)
11. The Search Begins (1.45)
12. The Search Continues (1.37)
13. The Church Pt. 1 (2.20)
14. The Church Pt. 2 (0.39)
15. The Statue (1.45)
16. "Who Am I?" (1.01)
17. Crystal Lake (0.27)
18. Home at Last (2.57)
19. More Discoveries Pt. A (0.53)
20. More Discoveries Pt. B (2.02)
21. More Discoveries Pt. C & Pt. D (4.51)
22. More Discoveries Pt. E (1.27)
23. Ann & Tennis (3.01)
24. How Did It Happen? (1.33)
25. First Date (1.47)
26. Good Shot! (1.01)
27. The Picnic (1.06)
28. TV Source (0.32)
29. Where Have You Been? (1.03)
30. The Cottage (0.55)
31. The Lovers (2.23)
32. Fantasy Pt. 1 (2.27)
33. Fantasy Pt. 2 (2.11)
34. Search For Mom (0.59)
35. Who Are You? (1.24)
36. Final Confrontation (7.05)

Tracks 1–18: true stereo / Tracks 19–36: “stereo-ized” mono

Total Length: 64.02
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC421 (regular release 2018)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Herbert Spencer