The Rum Diary

Christopher Young

" Does anybody need more rum? "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Rum Diary is a mood / background listen. An album that works perfectly whilst setting down a tone and pleasing you for the remainder of the time. It's diverse, highly effective and jazzy to the bone. The filmmusic boundaries are not of concern here, the music flows here, not the pace of the film. In this way it's highly enjoyable, on the other hand it forgets to bring certain kind of emotions through that. There's some darkness near the end ("The Biggest Crook in New Jersey") but overall this is a smooth listen and a listen that doesn't differ much from various others he's delivered in the past. For the fans of jazz and those wanting to hear more ideas than themes. It's all rather funky, but it doesn't really linger behind.

Jazzy score with lots of smooth rhythms, vocals and exotic influences.
The score is a bonafied background listen, everything going smooth on the rhythm of the music, not the rhythm of the film.
Occasional softer cues ("Sweat Bee") bring a much needed diversity and tone.
Honestly, this album is pushing the limits. One can only take so much music.

Track Listing

1. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu): Dean Martin (2.59)
2. Rum Diary (2.42)
3. Suckfish and Snake (2.32)
4. Mother of Balls (3.59)
5. Chenault (2.45)
6. Flagged Me Smiling (2.55)
7. Pink Jelly Remains (2.42)
8. Rockin' On Rooster (With My Dead Monkey's Mother) (3.05)
9. Sweat Bee (2.20)
10. Cock-of-the-Rock (3.55)
11. Black Note Blues (3.57)
12. My Car the Cockroach (3.50)
13. Neon Popsicles (2.30)
14. Hefti-Tefti (2.43)
15. He Must Be a Sadist (3.38)
16. Puerto Rican Piss-Off (3.22)
17. Whacking a Salesman (2.32)
18. The Biggest Crook in New Jersey (5.30)
19. Desperate Drunks and Postcard Loons (3.05)
20. The Mermaid Song (Instrumental) (1.34)
21. What About El Monstruo?: JD Band (2.38)
22. Roll Out the Roosters: JD Band (1.59)
23. Kemp in the Village: Johnny Depp & JJ Holiday (1.56)
24. The Mermaid Song: Patti Smith (2.09)

Total Length: 71.17
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Released by

Lakeshore Records LKS 342432 (regular release 2011)

Orchestrations by

Joohyun Park, Brandon K. Verrett & Peter Bateman