The Whole Nine Yards

Randy Edelman

" The less than 9 minutes entertainment "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Whole Nine Yards is a score that's best served and enjoyed in the film, not on CD and not on the background. It focuses on the comedy and the situations on screen without resorting to something meaningful on disc. Reason why I'm having such a hard time connecting to it. It was a wasted affair for me, considering it's predictable too. Not that this is bad, because that's the charm of the score INSIDE the film, but it's standard mafia like music with a little comedic twist. Meaning you know what you're gonna get. So is this one worth it? Well, if you truly want what the picture offered then sure! But for most this is an effort that will not give you your money back in musical quality.

The music is in a way predictable, but inside the film that's part of the charm I guess.
Is it a problem if you don't immediately fancy the main theme from the beginning? Well yes!
The score should have stayed in the film, on disc it doesn't invite at all.

Track Listing

1. Jimmy the Tulip (1.17)
2. I Don't Worry About a Thing: Mose Allison (2.22)
3. A New Neighbor (1.27)
4. Moanin' * (8.04)
5. Did You Say Divorce? (1.09)
6. Tenth Avenue Tango (4.08)
7. The Gogolak Mansion (1.15)
8. Everytime I Hear That Mellow Saxophone ** (2.05)
9. Cynthia With a "C" (1.06)
10. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) *** (3.51)
11. Yanni On A String (1.13)
12. Frankie Figs (1.49)
13. The Gang Arrives in Montreal (1.48)
14. A Swingin' Barbecue (1.27)
15. Oz Gets a Surprise (2.01)
16. Say I Do (1.29)
17. I Think We'll Be Fine (1.18)
18. Phone Tag (2.03)
19. Frantic (2.00)
20. Sensuous Lady (1.59)
21. Scheming on the Boat (1.24)
22. Taking a Stand (1.13)
23. Discovering the Evidence (1.11)
24. The Games' Afoot (1.55)
25. Sophie Cons Jimmy (0.57)
26. The Scientific Method (1.59)
27. The Tulip Reprise (1.44)
28. They All Laughed *** (3.37)

* Performed by Charles Mingus
** Performed by The Up Top Orchestra
*** Performed by The Charlie Biddle Trio featuring Stephanie Biddle

Total Length: 57.51
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD 302-066-114 (regular release 2000)