The Wind and the Lion

Jerry Goldsmith

" A ferocious wind it surely is "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

It's strange the way things work. But John Milius' known partnership was with Basil Poledouris, and yet somehow the great Jerry Goldsmith featured before him with The Wind and the Lion. And knowing the status of that score now, it's weird Basil Poledouris followed in Jerry's footsteps. Nonetheless nothing bad about Basil's scores of Milius and nothing bad about this score, because it's still one of Jerry's most beloved. After all it's got heart, zest and power. Or the main theme in a nutshell. And it's a doozy alright, containing the right amount of Goldsmith creativeness and power like we expected unfairly of him all the time. Still, besides this winning theme we have the lovely "love" theme, making as many appearances as the winning main theme. And combined like in "Raisuli Attacks / Guests of Raisuli (True Feelings)", it's as good as it gets. Needless to say, The Wind and the Lion influenced many scores after it, naturally The Mummy but also Poltergeist in its balls to the walls frenzy. Again "Raisuli Attacks" has that frenzy in the trumpets that make it invincible, and "Lord of the Riff" is damn amazing because it brings forth the main theme even larger and more powerful than it already was. Perhaps there are not enough highlights outside of the 2 theme tracks, but The Wind and the Lion has zest, fueling rage in its action music and bittersweet heart when he delivers a soft version of the love theme and main theme. And mixed together with the incredible rhythm of the drums or the violins and you have Jerry on a really good day. Or how else could anyone create "A Bid for Freedom (Something of Value)" if it wasn't for pure talent and inspiration?

Sound quality makes sure Goldsmith's music sparkles even better.
A brilliant main theme and a lovely romantic theme, most scores don't even have one of them.
In rhythmic delight there was no one better than Jerry, and The Wind and the Lion confirms it once again.
Even if the remixed album called for it, I could have omitted various minutes of the selection.

Track Listing

CD 1 "Complete Chronological Score": 62.43
1. Main Title (1.29) Excellent track
2. The Horsemen (1.19)
3. The Horsemen Arrive (The Horsemen) (3.10)
4. The Raisuli / Mr. President (3.03)
5. Morning Camp (3.20) Excellent track
6. The Riff / The Well (2.30)
7. Mercy (1.26)
8. The Camp (1.44)
9. The Tent (1.48)
10. No Respect / The True Symbol (3.40)
11. Seat of the Sultan (1.41)
12. The Palace (2.27)
13. The Fleet’s In (1.43)
14. The Blue People (4.59)
15. Raisuli Attacks / Guests of Raisuli (True Feelings) (5.40) Excellent track
16. The Legend (4.00)
17. Lord of the Riff (2.41) Excellent track
18. The Capture (2.10)
19. The Raiding Party (1.27)
20. Times Remembered (0.57)
21. Demands (2.00)
22. A Bid for Freedom (Something of Value) (3.51) Excellent track
23. The Letter (2.33)
24. End Title (1.32)
25. I Remember (Love Theme From The Wind and the Lion) (2.41) Excellent track

CD 2 "Original Album Presentation": 58.12
1. Main Title (1.26)
2. I Remember (Love Theme From The Wind and the Lion) (2.40)
3. The Horsemen (3.08)
4. True Feelings (2.29)
5. The Raisuli (2.09)
6. The True Symbol (2.31)
7. Raisuli Attacks (3.12)
8. Lord of the Riff (2.38)
9. The Tent (1.44)
10. The Palace (2.24)
11. The Legend (3.56)
12. Morning Camp (3.16)
13. The Letter (2.30)
14. Something of Value (3.48)

Source Music
15. Source (Arab) * (3.22)
16. Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight / The Battle Cry of Freedom * (1.22)
17. Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming * (2.24)
18. Nelly Boy * (1.56)
19. Love’s Old Sweet Song * (1.59)
20. Sweet Betsy From Pike & Old Paint * (2.12)
21. Marine Drums * (3.01)
22. Marine Drums (Double Time) * (2.03)
23. Marine Drums (Double Time) * (0.39)
24. Marine Drums (Quick Time) * (0.33)
25. Semper Fidelis * (0.50)

* Arranged by Alexander Courage
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Released by

Intrada MAF 7101 (regular release 2007)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

The Graunke Symphony Orchestra