Thibaud the Crusader

Georges Delerue

" Delerue the fanfare crusader "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Georges Delerue in the desert delivers an opportunity. Thibaud delivers thus several strong themes that are genuine Delerue. Strong, memorable and potent, it are tracks like "Main Title" and "The Scorpion" that make you a Delerue fan in fanfare mode. Delerue was always a strong thematic writer, but like John Barry he had a knack to deliver them not only in romantic sense, but also in action / adventure mode. Thibaud delivers them powerfully and potently. The softer themes like "Sybil's Theme" and "Thibaud's Theme" are then equally memorable because of their soft but beautiful development. The rest of the score is filled with eastern like melodies, serenades, and fanfares for the different adventures and locations. Not everything captures your imagination, but it all remains interesting and strong in quality. The sound quality is good enough as well, but the themes are the star of the score and Delerue overall delivers yet again a score with a lot of depth.

Delerue had an incredible knack for these epic themes. It's powerful and above all full of development. What an opening cue!
The desert and Sybil's theme are good too.
A lot of themes, subthemes and tunes, it all has a lot of depth.
Wonderful how a solo vocal and soft flute bring the main theme back for one final explosive ride.
Even though the themes are all wonderful, only one tune will be remembered in time.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (2.00) Excellent track
2. The Desert (1.36)
3. Turkish Army Column (2.49)
4. Memories (2.40)
5. Nostalgia (2.29)
6. Prelude to Battle (1.54)
7. Fertility Dance (1.23)
8. Sybil's Theme (2.06)
9. The Scorpion (3.06) Excellent track
10. Heat and Dust (2.22)
11. Zengi's Fortress (2.46)
12. Thibaud's Theme (2.56)
13. Turkish Army on the March (2.27)
14. The Arab Marketplace (1.50)
15. Traitors (3.43)
16. Blanchot's Marriage (2.54) Excellent track
17. Pillaging the Village (3.04)
18. Crusaders Victory March (1.29)
19. Nocturne (2.12)
20. Festivities (1.48)
21. End Title (2.31) Excellent track

Total Length: 47.59
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Released by

Prometheus PCD 114 (regular release 1992)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue