Jerry Goldsmith

" Thriller doesn't dance for me, despite its effectiveness "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The latest surprise in the re-recordings of unreleased Jerry Goldsmith's music comes from Tadlow Records, with Thriller. An anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff that originally told ordinary tales of crime and mystery, but later became a showcase for gothic horror stories. For Jerry Goldsmith it was one of his earliest efforts, but considering he already did The Twilight Zone during it, I think it was safe to say he was a logic and safe bet. The episodes receive 3 cues each. One long suite and usually shorter premises and end titles. Thriller isn't exactly classic Jerry Goldsmith music. And I don't think most will discover hidden treasures here. It's more effective music, often powerful, often sharp and occasionally even quite lovely. But it hardly resorts to Goldsmith weaving themes together and making magic. Occasionally it happens when a theme gets special attention ("Suite" of Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook), but mostly it is well written suspense music that perfectly captures the eeriness of the show. A lot of violin eeriness, a couple of sharper moments for brass and a moment here and there where the theme takes center stage. Thriller is decent television music that sadly doesn't mesmerize on CD. For that it links itself too much to the source it was written for.

There's a nice theme in Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook, sadly never erupting to its fullest potential.
Perfect music for enhancing the mood of the series. "End Titles Suite" perfectly captures the finest themes of each episode.
Lacks the Goldsmith touch to make it memorable.
At times it's the music I dislike, music that gets on my nerves. No matter how effective it may be.

Track Listing

The Grim Reaper
1. Prologue (1.47)
2. Suite (7.22)
3. End Titles (1.22)
Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook
4. Prologue (2.28)
5. Suite (6.16)
6. Finale (01:27)
Well of Doom
7. Prologue (1.35)
8. Suite (8.42)
9. Reunited (0.57)
Mr. George
10. Prologue (1.28)
11. Suite (7.07)
12. The Swing (0.353)
The Poisoner
13. Prologue (1.07)
14. Suite (8.22)
15. End Titles (0.59)
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper
16. Prologue (2.37)
17. Suite (6.52)
18. "Not John, Jack" (0.30)
19. End Titles Suite (8.21)

Total Length: 70.15
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Released by

Tadlow TADLOW 024 (regular release 2017)

Conducted by

Nic Raine

Performed by

The City of Prague Philharmonic