Tours du Monde, Tours du Ciel

Georges Delerue

" Tours Delerue heaven! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The series Tours du Monde, Tours du Ciel houses some of the most emotional and beautiful Delerue music ever written. Difficult to believe considering his legacy, but it's the truth. Those first 2 tracks (having 3/4 of the running time of the disc) are just stunning. Emotional firecrackers that deliver string momentum after string momentum, tear after tear. It's these 2 tracks that will be remembered, not the final 6 cues that have a 20 second length each (stupid considering they deliver a sort of intro to the Planet). I mean, they have no business here on this CD, and I only wonder if other music of Delerue was left off instead. Anyway, for Delerue fans this is a highlight. The CD is stupidly short, I know but those 2 opening cues are Delerue in a nutshell. Lyrical and full of emotion. I love that second track, but I utterly adore that first one. Heaven is reached for at least 14 minutes long.

"Stellaire 1" is one of the absolute highlights of Delerue's career.
That second track is beautiful as well, long string lines that continue to soar.
The length is rather short, and those final 6 cues stupid as hell.

Track Listing

1. Stellaire 1 (6.13) Excellent track
2. Stellaire 2 (7.49) Excellent track
3. Stellaire 3 (2.17)
4. Stellaire 4 (3.16)
5. Generique (1.45)
6. Saturne (0.16)
7. Jupiter (0.16)
8. Terre (0.17)
9. Mars (0.20)
10. Venus (0.19)
11. Mercure (0.23)

Total Length: 23.10
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Released by

Berthemont 8039331 (regular release 1997)