True Confessions

Georges Delerue

" Personal Delerue at his best "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

A touching personal score for True Confessions, that is Delerue's confession in a nutshell. Personal as it almost feels too emotional for it to break out and soar. It's all intimate music, very calm and soft, occasionally haunting through the choir and always working around the same old thematic material. The moments with choir are the most religious ("End Credits", the two versions of "The Barracks"), the moments with the harp and piano are the most personal of all. It's all easy to listen to and it's so easy to like. The sound quality is far from brilliant but it doesn't detract much. Perhaps a bit of diversity could have made it more special, but in general it's a wonderful personal affair that will definitely please the Delerue fans. Meaning everyone.

Religious score with haunting choir.
Wonderful solo piano with soft choir for "Forget It", one of the most touching tracks.
You don't hear too many scores where the harp stands central, but here is one that does.
Sometimes it seems like tracks end too soon ("After the Fight / Rancho Rosa"), like they are mixed out.

Track Listing

1. End Credits (3.56) Excellent track
2. The Notebook (3.11)
3. Carrick Fergus (2.10)
4. The Barracks (3.15)
5. After the Fight / Rancho Rosa (2.07)
6. The Barracks (Alternate) (3.21)
7. Carrick Fergus II (2.43)
8. Troubled Des (5.06) Excellent track
9. Forget It (2.26)
10. Brenda's Goodbye (3.31)

Total Length: 31.46
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande CD Club VCL 0805 1040 (limited release 2005)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue