Un Homme Amoureux

Georges Delerue

" Wonderful theme screams out "LOVE ME" "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Un Homme Amoureux is another delightful theme score by Georges Delerue. To state it's the one and only reason to acquire this score is a bit harsh, but somehow this theme alone makes the album. Several variations, a couple of short but delightful string moments and the expected disco bonus cue at the end deliver in general another typical Delerue score of Disques Cinémusique. But let us go back to that main theme once again, because that's the reason you'll remember the score. In the opening cue it already captivates you, but it's the reprise in "Épilogue (Générique Fin)" that truly mesmerizes you, if only for the infinite usage of strings and melodic passages where it continues to amaze you. Never is a theme simple and just 5 notes long with Delerue. No Delerue goes for the triple size and here it once again mesmerizes you. The sort of light Basic Instinct / Body Heat suspense in "Steve and Jane" is a small difference in an otherwise straightforward listen. For Delerue passionate's who want the whole thing.

The theme, the highlight of the disc. It wows you time and time again.
Several brief but lovely string moments in otherwise very short tracks.
The album's not too long, making it perfect for repeated listens.
Though the album's short, so are the tracks. And lack because of them a bit of development.

Track Listing

1. Un Homme Amoureux (Générique) (1.53) Excellent track
2. Steve and Jane (4.26)
3. Le Pont des Jouissances (1.33)
4. Délicieuse Attente (2.56)
5. La Rencontre (1.27)
6. Solitude de Jane (1.06)
7. Bruno Repart Seul (1.10)
8. Hôtel Roma (1.10)
9. Tango Loupé (1.05)
10. Épilogue (Générique Fin) (4.36) Excellent track
11. La Mort de Pavèse (1.24)
12. Amour en Plein (1.36)
13. Are You Going to Leave Me (1.22)
14. Écran Lunaire (2.43)
15. Fin de Soirée (4.37)

Total Length: 33.04
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Released by

Disques CinéMusique DCM 102 (limited release 2002)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue