Under Fire

Jerry Goldsmith

" One of Jerry's most colorful creations "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

I've read a statement recently that it was time new (read never before nominated) composers were needed to freshen the Soundtrack nominations on the Oscars. After all it was always Goldsmith or Williams. But it wasn't because those were nice chaps, but because they delivered quality time and time again. In 1983 it was quality time once again. Goldsmith unleashing the colorful Under Fire. For me, one of his best and one of his most colorful creations. Courtesy of the simply amazing guitar solos of Pat Metheny, pouring heart and soul in many cues (most notably the pieces where he just delivers inspirational solos like "Sniper" and "Rafael's Theme"). Furthermore expect wonderful themes like that amazing main theme "Nicaragua", that wonderful fragile "Alex's Theme" or that lovely love theme that flourishes at the end of "Nicaragua". Don't forget my personal favorite in "Fall of Managua", one of the most fun cues of Jerry's career. Under Fire is just inspiration from start to finish. It delivers various themes, never ending variations of it and fantastic guitar solos. Enough to pour emotion and joy in your listening experience. It's just a shame it was nominated, considering he already received so many nominations before that. I guess they didn't know quality back then. No scratch that. They had just too much quality to choose from.

One of Jerry's most colorful soundtracks.
The main theme, a concert favorite and a joy of a finale.
The other themes offer their delight as well, especially when Pat Metheny joins the party.
Let's talk a little bit about Pat Metheny, he is the star of this score.
Track 10 is one of the most fun cues I have ever heard.
Electronics remain a dodgy area, also here they don't always mesh well with the rest of the score.

Track Listing

1. Bajo Fuego (5.36) Excellent track
2. Sniper (3.27) Excellent track
3. House of Hammocks (3.14)
4. Betrayal (4.18) Excellent track
5. 19 De Julio (3.30)
6. Rafael (2.37) Excellent track
7. A New Love (3.45)
8. Sandino (3.39)
9. Alex’s Theme (3.40)
10. Fall of Managua (2.29) Excellent track
11. Rafael’s Theme (4.12) Excellent track
12. Nicaragua (4.15) Excellent track

Total Length: 44.42
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Released by

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 11 No. 4 (regular release 2008)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton