Randy Edelman

" Underdog becomes alive and well in the second part "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the download only release

Underdog looked liked a failed idea from the start, and it was. Too bad considering it came from Belgian director Frederik Du Chau (who did create the wonderful Racing Stripes). And this time the wonder had to come from Randy Edelman instead. I know it's not Mark Isham and Racing Stripes like'ness, but Underdog has its own Edelman charm. Especially after a while. The begin is rather unmemorable, but when Underdog is born, so does the music change. The theme is beginning to take over and the music is becoming much more entertaining. Much more thrilling adventure music (parts of "Coming Together") and several stirring main theme performances. I agree, I was ready to let this one pass after the first couple of tracks, but Underdog became pretty much the score I wanted it to be. Especially the moment a dog with a read cape started to fly. Oh dear (facepalm) ...

As ever, the dramatic music has a certain charm, it pleases and it relaxes ("All American Pastime".
After a while, the main heroic theme starts to work wonders "A Stirring First Date" and "Underdog Saves the Day".
Second part is so much better than the first.
It takes a while to warm you over, the cuteness is not that apparent in the begin.

Track Listing

1. Underdog Raps: Kyle Massey (2.36)
2. Sadly Unemployed (2.22)
3. Simon's Lab and Experiment (4.23)
4. Riff Raff Meets Shoeshine (2.23)
5. Backyard Argument (0.49)
6. Trashing the Diggs (1.37)
7. Excuse Me, Did You Talk? (2.16)
8. Out in Traffic (1.34)
9. Family Discussion (1.49)
10. All American Pastime (1.55)
11. Breaking News As Our Tale Continues (1.27)
12. Costume Change (1.39)
13. A Stirring First Date (2.12)
14. Bonding Buddies (1.18)
15. Coming Together (6.21)
16. Underdog Saves the Day (3.25)
17. Our Shining Hero (Finale) (1.36)

Total Length: 39.42
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Released by

ITunes no label number (download only release 2008)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Stuart Balcomb, Ralph Ferraro & Randy Edelman