Uýra: A Retomada da Floresta

Nascuy Linares

" Uýra: A Retomada da Floresta is certainly not amongst his best works "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

Uýra: A Retomada da Floresta (Uýra: The Rising Forest), a Brazilian documentary about a biology and art teacher (an expert on indigenous subjects), who as transgender Uýra Sodoma travels across the Amazon region, using art performances and teaching as a way to grow awareness for racism, transphobia, and issues of ecological concern, while going through a search of the inner self. The director's approach is clearly rooted in the traditions of social cinema, and the documentary thrives on the goodwill of Uryra. Venezuelan composer Nascuy Linares wrote the original score.

Nascuy Linares has written quite a lot of incredibly impressive, minimal and 'traditional' scores, like Una vida y dos mandados, Juan and Una casa con vista al mar. In his life, he has had a lot of experiences of working with Amazonian communities in Venezuela and became familiar with 'their sound', which is evident in the extrasensory El Abrazo De La Serpiente and Los Ocidios. In these works he created a musical outset of both hypnotic minimal pieces, aided by indigenous instruments (voices, sounds, percussion), synths, strings, and guitar into an impressive hybrid. Despite fluctuations in compositional merits throughout his minimal scores, there are numerous significant compositions that show a level of hypnotic brilliance, such as the ethereal Shaman chants in El Abrazo de la Serpiente or the melancholy, serenity and ethereal feel aided by numerous outstanding vocals in Juan, one of his very best (ethereal) scores yet.

Uýra ýra: A Retomada da Floresta is a continuation of his familiar sparse, minimal approach, evident in the reflective use of solo guitar in Pinceles, the hybrid of effective synthesizer and processed voices in Eco. Some sequences of the documentary underscore the art performances by Uýra; Danza is a rather lovely cue, including an addictive rhythm by percussion and the didgeridoo. Overall, it's intriguingly minimal, with a level of semi-warmth and includes fine indigenous sampling, which makes it quite pleasurable.

Nascuy Linares scored a variety of documentaries and Uýra: A Retomada da Floresta is certainly not amongst his best works, regardless of the similarities with previous works. Arguably his most established score to a documentary (and beyond) was for Juan, about a hermit time-lapse artist, in which social touches of works by Agnes Varda meet the mystical DNA of Werner Herzog, underscored by a truly impressive ethereal hybrid of orchestral, acoustic and synthesized sounds, aided by vocals.

Uýra: A Retomada da Floresta : A Retomada da Floresta is yet another digital release (the ninth) of a score by Linares released by Mayor Plaza Company, whom also released his marvellous score to Jungle Rouge in 2022.

1. Uýra 2:40
2. Magic Green 2:15
3. Solos 1:09
4. Pinceles 3:41
5. Eco 4:21
6. Rostros 0:57
7. Alocasia 2:25
8. Danza 2:56
9. Agua Y Alma 2:03

Total duration: 22:27

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Released by

Plaza Mayor Company (download only release 2022)