Welcome to Marwen

Alan Silvestri

" It should have been called Welcome to Silvestri "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

It's rare to see a Robert Zemeckis film fail in front of audiences, but Welcome to Marwen has the sad honor to be one of them. I will judge the film when I see it, but judging by the score I can't help but feel that this can't be this bad. True, it's a peculiar tale of a man's road towards healing but fantasy and opening your mind apparently can't compete anymore with the Marvel / DC superhero films of late. Too bad considering I always look forward to a Zemeckis / Silvestri combination. Music wise Silvestri throws it all on the table here. I mean his signature is all over the place. Perhaps you can complain about this the most, it's far from original. But in a time when composers are trying to squeeze their voice through a consistent demand for run of the mill ambience, it's always refreshing to hear a composer's well developed voice through this mill. And Silvestri delivers nothing but his style. Whether in the suspense or the drama or the action, Welcome to Marwen will not be mistaken for anyone else's music. So, if you can appreciate a bit of deja-vu, you'll actually have a lot to appreciate in Welcome to Marwen.

Like the main theme. I mean, I love how the main theme develops. It receives time to unravel the pain and the drama of the character, it shows a composer giving that time to its character and it enriches the drama through it. "Finally Got It Right" and "You Got This" are prime examples of this development. Big band drums and brass is another. It's basically a continuation of the opening cue of The Croods, but it gives spunk and zest to the story. And when Silvestri unleashes his usual self to the action, you know it's him doing it GOOD. Of course it's not The Mummy Returns, but it has panache and it gets the blood pumping no matter what. The "Hogie vs Meyer" parts are excellent and fun, and the finales "Marwencol" and "Welcome to Marwen End Credits" are wonderful suites where all the ideas come together. Again, I'll judge the film on my own, but judging the score I already know it will make it better. It's not the best or most original Silvestri out there, but it's a showcase of this man's capabilities nonetheless.

The man can write themes. Welcome to Marwen has a sweet long developing theme.
When it comes to excitement, Welcome to Marwen can hold it's own well enough too.
I have to say the mix of the score pleases me a lot as well.
Okay, originality is not the issue here. You'll get Silvestri through and through.
The drama music is sweet, but it frustrates me too that I can't stop thinking about Edward Scissorhands during it (for instance "Saved").

Track Listing

1. Welcome to Marwen (2.01)
2. You Are Saved (3.40)
3. Finally Got It Right (2.47)
4. New Girl in Town (1.34)
5. Deja Spills Some Milk (2.29)
6. Magic (2.31)
7. You Got This (1.15)
8. Rise and Shine (1.58)
9. Saved (2.21)
10. Never Love You The Way I Do (1.29)
11. One Big Misunderstanding (1.42)
12. Goodnight Girls (2.13)
13. Hate Crime (2.03)
14. Beautiful Moon (3.19)
15. Crippled by Fear (4.21)
16. Hogie vs Meyer Part 1 (4.13)
17. Hogie vs Meyer Part 2 (3.53) Excellent track
18. Wake Up Sweetheart (1.18)
19. They Can’t Hurt Me (1.05)
20. Marwencol (3.59) Excellent track
21. Welcome to Marwen End Credits (7.20) Excellent track

Total Length: 57.31
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Released by

Intrada INT 7151 (regular release 2018)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by

Mark Graham