Wilde Wellen - Nichts Bleibt Verborgen

Karim Sebastian Elias

" score goes for overkill with a constant returning main theme "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Wilde Wellen: Nichts Bleibt Verborgen (Wild Waves: Nothing Stays Hidden) is a 4 episode German television series about a women who loses her memory after a shooting incident. By getting back in contact with her estranged father, she's brought in a dangerous quest for the truth when her father is accused of murder. For the music, freelance composer Karim Sebastian Elias was chosen. Elias has already written music for films, series and documentaries and was a logical choice for the makers.

The score opens with a powerful enough main theme in "Visions", easily identifiable courtesy of the power anthem manner by which it sets the theme on fire. The same theme sets the cue "Waves" equally in motion, followed by "Family" which presents the theme by saxophone. To continue with the theme, "Agitated" and "Meeting" already presents it in a more suspenseful manner, by inserting extra electronic effects to it, making it more and more Remote Control like in tone, even if it was already exactly that.

And as you've guessed it by now, the theme remains a constant returnee during virtually every single track. Or it's stated in its entirety, or it somewhat sets the pace or the tone. And even though that theme made a strong enough impact during the first couple of tracks, it begins to ware a bit thin after a while, no matter if its presented differently by piano, cello or any other instrument. A wonderful feeling of love comes during "Reconciliation", a cue that uses the theme now as a variation to state a terrific colorful and hopeful secondary theme, a sound that gets multiple tries during the equally lovely "Pronunciation" and "Marie and Paul in Paris". A change in tone also colors "Farewell", infusing some beat and sprightliness to the scene, something that will not get any more attention after it.

And that means we're back to the main sound of the album. Furthermore, considering the Remote Control sound was pretty much on board from the first track, it's safe to say a familiar sound springs to mind from time to time. Like the brief Bourne sound in "Hush Up" and "Suspicion". And after a while, the constant tone of the main theme returning and the darker on edge developments in the story just don't keep you interested in the remaining material anymore. In fact it's practically insane to hear the theme just over and over.

In the end the album is just insanely too long as well. Somehow the suite like presentation works, linking the cues together to form one long listening experience, mostly because the sound is pretty much consistent from start to finish anyway. And for a background experience, I see this working properly. But as a standalone listen, Wilde Wellen is nice enough for a shorter duration. Because it states the theme more than one has fingers, and the change in tone doesn't allow for much diversity anyway. Again, the time of the album will not invite you to listen to it again, and definitely not in full. Considering the first 11 tracks pretty much sum up what you'll hear after it. If it would have been 30 to 40 minutes shorter, it could have received a higher rating, but this is pushing it.

Favorite Moment - Reconciliation (0.57 - 2.30)
A lovely moment of beauty and hope.

Track Listing

Suite 1
1. Visions (2.00)
2. Waves (2.36)
3. Family (1.33)
4. Hidden (3.18)

Suite 2
5. Leon and Michel (1.04)
6. Agitated (2.04)
7. Meeting (2.33)
8. The Shot (1.00)

Suite 3
9. Leon and Menec (2.36)
10. Reconciliation (2.30)
11. Pronunciation (2.50)

Suite 4
12. The Downfall of Helene (2.21)
13. Menhire (1.01)
14. Dolmen (1.40)
15. My Daughter (2.39)
16. Marie and Paul in Paris (2.20)

Suite 5
17. Hush Up (0.54)
18. Return (2.20)
19. Farewell (1.31)
20. The Memories Return (2.47)

Suite 6
21. Celine Marchand (2.18)
22. Eva Menec (0.31)
23. Bretagne (3.37)

Suite 7
24. Tell Me (2.16)
25. Nothing Remains (3.39)
26. My Mother (2.44)

Suite 8
27. Caspar (2.43)
28. Kidnapping (2.02)
29. Suspicion (4.06)
30. The Fall (3.20)

Suite 9
31. You Saved me When I was Young (1.55)
32. Father and Son (1.00)
33. Tides (1.10)
34. The Confession (2.29)
35. Salvation (4.13)

Total Length: 79.40
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Released by

Alhambra Records A 9004 (regular release 2011)

Conducted by

Jörg Iwer

Orchestrations by

Karim Sebastian Elias & Jörg Iwer

Performed by

The Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt