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    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2017
    Earlier this year, composer Chris Bacon was at the Newman Scoring Stage to record his and Theodore Sharpiro’s score to the new action/comedy Snatched, starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. Directed by Jonathan Levine, the film boasts a score performed by a 57-piece orchestra, and we’re thrilled to share our exclusive photos from the scoring session with our readers!


    I consider a project a success when Thor says he won't buy it
  1. My review of the brilliant score for CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, for anyone who's interested:

    https://moviemusicuk.us/2017/06/23/capt … e-shapiro/

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    When will Shapiro score a "serious" film and stop doing comedies? That is the question everyone is asking.
    I am extremely serious.
  2. He scored the thriller A Simple Favor a few years back, though I guess you could argue that film was a dark comedy. I never heard the score out of context but liked it quite a bit within, reminded me of Desplat's thriller scores (and that is praise, I've always felt thrillers to be the genre Desplat is best suited to).
  3. He seems to be typecast (or whatever the composer equivalent of that would be) as a comedy guy. My guess is he'll keep getting those assignments until a director that's collaborated with him does something other than a comedy?
  4. That seems like a tough spot to be in. I got to see him perform one of his concert pieces when I lived in LA (I think it was the same year he did Heist), and it was a personal piece for him about his childhood and growing up, and I remember he incorporated a lot of interesting textures and street sounds with the orchestra and I never forgot it. I don't really listen to very many comedy scores, so sadly I forget that he's still so active in his film scoring career.