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  1. Single Women Want Obama Naked

    Single voters have spoken, and the presidential candidate they most want to see naked is -- drum roll, please -- Barack Obama.

    And, in what is surely a more competitive race, the most visually unpleasant White House hopeful -- Ron Paul. (Somewhere, Dennis Kucinich is smiling.)

    The results are part of a January 2008 survey of 900 single voters by Engage.com, a part of its "Every Single Vote" campaign to boost voter registration.

    “Voting makes you sexier in the eye of a potential romantic,” says Trish McDermott, Engage's vice president of Love.

    Some of the findings:
    -- 85% of all singles are open to dating across party lines, with Republicans being more likely than Democrats to cross the political line for love.
    -- Thirty-eight percent of all singles surveyed said their vote is influenced by a candidate’s appearance.
    -- Singles are most likely to say the economy will be the important issue influencing their presidential choice, followed by the war in Iraq, and then healthcare.

    So, I am left to speculate that any women here want to see the Obamanator whip it out.
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