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    Elisabeth Rosenthal

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    Just an art student from Vienna who is very much much in love for Classical Music, Opera and, of course, Scores. You know... Vienna... Mozart... der Zauberflöte... Queen of the Night, yeah you got it.

    I might talk about other things, such as food and politics. wink

    My favorite composers are the Italians (and the obvious ones): Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai. Although I enjoy some other more like Prokofiev, Herrmann, Delerue, Korzeniowski, Ludovic Bource, Silvestri, Rozsa, Desplat, Elfman, Vangelis, Poledouris, Nuobo Uematsu, Goldenthal, Shore, Glass, Richter, Zimmer, Danna, Nobuchika, Horner, McCarthy, Bernstein, Goldsmith, Eidelman (yeah I might be a fan of the Star Trek franchise wink) and, of course, Williams!
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