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    Hi there. My name is Gardner Munn. I'm 25. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Telecommunications Management, a masters in Health Administration from the University of Florida, and I'm about to get married. I'm eager to always strive to learn and explore new things.

    At an early age I found I had a great love for music. Some of the earliest films I remember from my childhood involved my love for the scores that accompanied them. Two that come to mind being Batman (89) and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I found I could never get those wonderful themes out of my head and even found myself running all over the playground humming those heroic themes to my many adventures upon those wooden forts.

    In fourth grade I began learning the violin. From then until mid high school I had only experienced and orchestral, classical setting. Due to a change in location, and absence of fellow string players, I found myself beginning to play by ear with different bands. Many of these have been church related involving performances at churches, camps, weddings, dinner parties, and all sorts of other gigs. I find that my love for film music wanders its way into my playing since the majority is just what comes out of me and what I am feeling. The most recent being bits of Meet Joe Black I believe. Over time I picked up other instruments including the mandolin, string bass, and bass guitar. Recently I have begun playing the guitar and harmonica, and the bagpipes are on the list.

    If you have any questions or would like to say "g'day", just let me know.

    - Gardner (Gt) Talbert Munn

    Favorite Composers:
    John Williams
    Jerry Goldsmith
    John Barry
    Michael Kamen
    James Newton Howard
    Michael Giacchino
    David Arnold
    Alexander Desplat
    James Horner
    Philip Glass
    Danny Elfman
    Edward Shearmur
    Alan Silvestri
    Elliot Goldenthal
    Bill Conti
    Bernard Herrmann

    Other Favorite Composers:
    Ralph Vaughan Williams
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