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    Favorite Composers (and select favorite scores):

    1) John Williams - Star Wars (all of them), Jurassic Park, Memoirs of a Geisha, Indiana Jones (all)
    2) Patrick Doyle - Henry V, Hamlet, every Shakespearian-like score he's written
    3) Hans Zimmer - As Good As It Gets, Pirates (all), Backdraft, Power of One, Black Hawk Down
    4) John Powell - Endurance, How to Train Your Dragon, Paycheck
    5) Ennio Morricone - The Mission, Untouchables

    I had a broad range of tastes and have a few CDs from virtually every well-known composer. I used to be a James Horner, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer completist, but have strayed from that kind of collecting. It's just about the music for me now (I have way too many boring Horner and Zimmer scores because of such behavior...but it worked for John Williams!). I'm a sucker for sweeping romantic themes and like scores that have some sort of memorable theme or motif tying the score together. I prefer orchestral music, but electronics can be a refreshing change now and then (just not Goldsmith synth farts).

    I'm also a sports nut, my favorite being baseball. During the day I proofread laws for the government, so when I make grammatical or spelling errors in my posts...oh, well. Call me a hypocrite. smile
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