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    So I started getting into soundtracks when I was 12 (I blame my dad: he owned a litle 45'' of highlights from Miklos Rozsa's Ben Hur...yeah. They actually did a single!), and now ..erm...a signifant number of years later, I suddenly have a thousand CDs!
    How did that happen?

    Anyway, it's all about the music, and I love the way film music pushes my emotional buttons.
    After all, that is what it's designed to do: emphasise or explicitly express emotion!
    Works for me!

    I am currently working in project management (who isn't, these days?), managing parts of superhuge ICT projects for Shell. It pays the bills, including the more pleasurable ones: travel, good food and drink and CDs of course!

    I play classical guitar in a stricly hobby kind of way, and love to read. My interests are exceedingly broad, extending from literature to politics to history to pottery.
    Not pottery.
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