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    Crazy Greek English teacher with unlimited love for music in general.I have a passion for film music and piano which I've been playing for many years now. I finaly managed to take my degree last June after 18 years of hard work.Currently living in Sparta alone for the first time in my life and I love it!Who wouldn't with Mount Taygetos as a breathtaking view from the window!?!
    I'm a teaser (most of you know that already) and my friends say that I can be really stubborn sometimes!They also say I'm too sensitive.Perhaps they right!Who am I to say no?!By the way, have I mentioned I'm blonde,tall blue eyed and a Goddess?Oh, I forgot... you've already seen a photo of me.Well,I'm not tall,I have curly chestnut-red hair and green-grey eyes.And I'm not a Goddess of course.I'm me.Not ugly, not exeptional.Just me.
    My love for music goes way back and it comes from my mother's roots and my dad's love for cinema.He used to be a projection engineer so I have the "bug" from a very young age.
    That's all then!Gald to be around you all!
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