3:10 To Yuma

Marco Beltrami

" a brilliant mood setter, a Western pleaser, a respected film score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

It's quite frightening to notice how some composers can hardly get a decent project on their hands, while others easily get the best! Marco Beltrami's 3:10 to Yuma is probably one of the most respected movies he scored and it shows at the respect he's been receiving from press, Oscar members and fans. Sometimes his quirky affairs don't come off highly rated and often it just doesn't fit the genre. But here Marco Beltrami could deliver what he calls his sound and get the respect for it. More then ever he deserves it.

His gritty sinister music is perfect for the mood of the film. When he throws some Morricone Western flair to his perfect rhythm and daring choices, the mix becomes one that just listens so excitingly fresh and perky. It becomes one of those Beltrami efforts that screams for attention. Maybe that's why Beltrami got that very first Oscar nomination and his big break. After the success of some smaller guitar led entries, the choice is a believable one after the two years of disbelief and disrespect that the Oscar board showed us. Yet let's stick to the subject at hand which is Beltrami's quirky yet exiting affair.

"Main Title" shows the sinister mood of the entire score, "Ben Takes the Stage / Dan's Burden" carries a spicy guitar that is accompanied by a great rhythmic lead, "Bisbygliando" shows the wonderful effective use of instruments all laying down on a different vocal tone (mostly an eerie mood). "Indian Grounds" isn't far behind when (with or without intention) it sort of creates a Terminator like T-1000 effect. All these pieces show a great variety in rhythmic delight, creepy mood and sinister build up. Yet it's when the main theme grows to Morricone gritty touches and trumpet blasts that 3:10 to Yuma shows significant potential. Because of that, "Chinese Democracy" becomes one of those guilty pleasures.

There is a rage behind tracks like "Trial by Fire" and "Flight of the Princess", especially when the Scream-like strings begin to dictate the pace of the score. In "Ben Arrested" the mood becomes extremely sinister, showing the dark voice of Beltrami at work. Yet at its very own way it is stating a comment on how it functions inside a scene. It's just perfect how he paints so little and expresses so much.

The telling goes further when the soundtrack closes with such winners like "One Man Left", a great tuneful guitar piece that shows us the main theme in all its tranquility (apart from the final seconds). Furthermore we have "Bible Study" displaying great rhythmic statements of the main theme (watch out for the Hellboy influences in this piece). Here, the Morricone led trumpet which is awesome.

Yet even more fantastic is "Who Let the Cows Out", a piece that dances on the main theme and delivers us these wonderful trumpet blasts, showing Beltrami at his best in both the melodic as inventive sense.

"The 3:10 to Yuma" closes off with the main theme in a Western mood using guitar and trumpet. If you're looking for quirky entries in the genre, this score delivers, and above all, challenging delights in one of those utterly surprising scores of the year. The mood is effective yet it doesn't dance on the boring edge. The highlights come off being cool, inventive and rewarding. More, it all fits the profile of the movie. Its effective and enjoyable edge will surely give Marco Beltrami the credit he deserves. I have to admit that sometimes his action scores sounded somewhat alike, yet here 3:10 to Yuma inflicts the listener with a style that lets you believe the following statement; Ennio Morricone just grew in puppeteer Marco Beltrami and guided him to write a brilliant mood setter, a Western pleaser, a respected film score.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (1.05)
2. Ben Takes the Stage / Dan's Burden (5.55)
3. Man of his Word (0.57)
4. Bisbygliando (1.21)
5. Bar Burn (2.00)
6. Chinatown (1.39)
7. Indian Grounds (2.49)
8. Chinese Democracy (2.50) Excellent track
9. One for the Road / Storm Clouds (4.10)
10. Trial by Fire (1.58)
11. Flight of the Princess (1.58)
12. Ben There Done That (1.36)
13. Gang Arrives (1.51)
14. Ben Arrested (3.58)
15. It's Time (1.01)
16. Hotel (0.41)
17. One Man Left (3.04)
18. William Escapes (1.43)
19. Bible Study (2.34) Excellent track
20. Who Let the Cows Out (1.31) Excellent track
21. The 3:10 to Yuma (2.07)

Total Length: 47.01
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Released by

Lionsgate LIOG20010 (regular release 2007)

Conducted by

Marco Beltrami

Orchestrations by

William Boston, Rossano Galante, Marcus Trumpp & Dana Niu