Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser

" Surprisingly soft score for a Roland Emmerich movie "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

After having blown up every part of the world, director Roland Emmerich decided to make a movie about a project he had with him for about 8 years. A political thriller advancing the theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned Shakespeare's plays, Emmerich's movie was greeted with rather positive remarks (especially for an Emmerich film). Sadly it did not aid the movie tremendously at the box office, considering people weren't specifically craving for a mellow Emmerich film (hence the reason he's thinking about making Independence Day 2 and 3). Now considering David Arnold is sadly no longer the main composer of the Emmerich movies, Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser are now running the show (The Day after Tomorrow, 10.000BC and 2012).

Strangely, considering Anonymous is not your typical Emmerich movie, expect the score to sound a whole lot different too. In fact you'll be surprised to discover how soft and mellow it all sounds. Rarely do things turn loud and dangerous. The couple of exceptions ("Arrest Them", "Bursting In" and "It's a Trap") deliver a frequent urgent build up of suspense. But for most of the time, we are greeted to rather soft but enjoyable music that often enhances its dramatic effects through solo violins, soft choir or brief playful serenades. The most playful serenade is discovered in "Play after Play", the loudest one is heard in "Will's Triumph".

And for the remaining time, both composers deliver a nice mellow dramatic mood that is at one point incredibly beautiful ("Edward's Theme), and at another point soft and choral based ("She Had your Child", "Soul of the Age" and "God Save the Queen"). Making sure Anonymous is quite in fact a rather easy listen, one that will definitely work on the background. Of course I'm sure a David Arnold or a James Newton Howard (at times The Village popped in my mind) would have enriched the experience with a more rewarding complexity, but for these 2 gentlemen I have to say Anonymous is quite a nice surprise, for their level at least.


1. She Had your Child (2.13)
2. The Succession (2.15)
3. Edward's Breakdown (1.41)
4. Hamlet in the Rain (1.24)
5. Soul of the Age (3.10)
6. You Stay in England (1.08)
7. God Save the Queen (2.59)
8. Play after Play (2.36)
9. The Voices (1.23)
10. Arrest Them (1.55)
11. Edward's Theme (1.33)
12. Words Will Prevail (1.34)
13. Bedding the Queen (1.18)
14. Bursting In (1.23)
15. William Shake-Speare (2.57)
16. It's a Trap (2.37)
17. Day of the Play (5.22)
18. Will's Triumph (1.30)
19. The Other One (1.20)

Total Length: 40.18
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Madison Gate Records B005Z2WGD2 (regular release 2011)