De Tøffeste Gutta (The Tough Guys)

Eirik Myhr

" Tough Guys is fun listening material "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the download only release

De Tøffeste Gutta (The Tough Guys) came at the time when Kick-Ass 2 was making its world premiere. And honestly, comparisons can be expected once you see the posters. Though of course it is nothing compared to the violent and ultra visual style of Kick-Ass. No De Tøffeste Gutta tackles it a bit more sincerely, and that's noticeable about the music too. Composed by Eirik Myhr (a composer who's pleasure I had to meet one weekend), it's the kind of score that tackles it enjoyably and occasionally extremely catchy. Because starting with "The Tough Guys Suite I" is like beginning with a great sandwich, a combination of the theme and sounds that you'll come in contact with throughout the listening experience. And might I add, a good catchy main theme too. The kind you like to hear and whistle long after the movie has ended.

The western flair is courtesy of the influence of Quentin Tarantino (who's idea immediately came in the mind of the composer after having read the script). And need I say, it catches on. There are lots of cool ideas ("Shortcuts"), the Kick-Ass inspired "Real Heroes Protect the Weak" with the shining main theme, the many acoustic / electric guitar moments, the Kick-Ass inspired / John Murphy "Tougher Guys" and the "Flying Home" cue moment where the themes tries to recreate the same kind of coolness in "Real Heroes - Finale". The second suite at the end pretty much reprises the opening cue, but with an extra dash of coolness at the end (including sampled choir).

The score does it's job tremendously by keeping the ideas as fresh and entertaining as possible, though in certain moments it feels a bit too long for my liking. Plus the fact it owes some influences to Kick-Ass makes it all the more easier or harder. All in all, several good moments and themes in a slightly overlong presentation.

Favorite Moment - The Tough Guys Suite I (0.30 - 1.39)
Go cool themes GO

Track Listing

1. The Tough Guys Suite I (2.31)
2. Missing Days (2.22)
3. Shortcuts (1.38)
4. The Mafia (4.26)
5. Real Heroes Protect the Weak (1.33)
6. Doomsday Scenario (2.36)
7. The Trap (1.20)
8. Waddlers (1.39)
9. Mojo Trip (3.35)
10. Swiss Army - Interlude (1.15)
11. SuperModulf (0.47)
12. Confrontations (3.37)
13. Daddy's Room (1.43)
14. Gone Too Far (2.23)
15. Tougher Guys (1.17)
16. Broken Memories (3.08)
17. Showdown (9.33)
18. Real Heroes - Finale (2.43)
19. The Tough Guys Suite II (3.34) Excellent track

Total Length: 51.40
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Released by

Pling Kong Recordings no label number (download only release 2013)