Eddie the Eagle

Matthew Margeson

" Eddie the winner of the 80's music "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

I love true stories, because they bring out the best in people. No matter the struggle, these stories go for the heart and show that people have to continue to follow their dream, no matter how many people persuade them to do otherwise. Furthermore, I love scores for these kind of true stories, because they often tell us musically what it means to persist. Eddie the Eagle is the last and definitely not the least. Because even though it begins with a weird opening synthesizer, it soon goes for the heart and it never shuts up after that.

Composer of Eddie the Eagle is Matthew Margeson (he composed in his early career Skyline, but resurfaced later on in Kick Ass 2 and Kingsman: The Secret Service). And the strength of this score is truly its authenticity (Margeson used synthesizers specifically from the 80's to re create the sound) and its pleasure. People that grew up in the 80's will adore this score, it brings out the best of that era and ignites it with a dash of enthusiasm. Furthermore it brings back fond memories of 80's Silvestri and definitely 80's Zimmer. I guess a lot of people will pick up the various influences of Days of Thunder, as it doesn't even want to hide it at all ("Oberstdorf"). Furthermore, occasionally darker Zimmer joins the party too, bringing back the Backdraft synth sounds in "Warren Sharp" and "Eddie Attempts the 70m".

But no matter how much fun it all sounds picking up the Zimmer influences, it's more fun picking up the 80's vibes instead. You can't go wrong with 80's nostalgia in "Matti at Garmisch" and "Fist of Glory" (incidentally, you'll spot the Beverly Hills 90210 or Melroce Place similarities easily). And the main theme itself is a close cousin of the Days of Thunder theme too, often igniting the passion and the charm in "Up Back Forward Down", "First Jump at Calgary" and "Now The Real Work Begins". But one track in particular goes for the ultimate limit and that's "Eddie Jumps the 90m". Because even though I haven't seen the film YET, this feels like an overlapping combination of all characters saying to him what couldn't be done whilst flying through the air. It's inspiring and it never loses the speed of the jump, thanks to the coolness of the Kick Ass sound through it.

Eddie the Eagle is pure nostalgia and one of the ultimate surprises of the year (even if we're just in March). It's fun, stylistic and full of charm, and 80's fans will utterly worship it. Kudos Mr. Margeson.

Track Listing

1. Champion! (1.30)
2. Eddie the Eagle (5.07) Excellent track
3. What Goes Up Must Come Down (2.13)
4. I'm Going to the Olympics (1.33)
5. Matti at Garmisch (1.04)
6. Warren Sharp (1.48)
7. Eddie Gets A Taste (1.13)
8. Up Back Forward Down (2.47) Excellent track
9. Eddie Attempts the 70m (3.16)
10. The Teaching Text (2.55)
11. Fist of Glory (1.48) Excellent track
12. Seniors Tournament (1.54)
13. Oberstdorf (5.22)
14. A Sporting Chance (1.10)
15. First Jump at Calgary (3.24) Excellent track
16. Press Montage (1.16)
17. Eddie's Announcement (3.04)
18. Peary's Return (2.50)
19. Matti's Gold Jump (2.14)
20. Eddie Jumps the 90m (3.34) Excellent track
21. Now the Real Work Begins (5.03) Excellent track

Total Length: 55.05
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 067 413 8 (regular release 2016)