Ernest Gold

" There is a lot more to Exodus than just the famous melody!!! This is a must have for your soundtrack collection. "

Written by Thomas Kiefner - Review of the limited release

Released on December 15th, 1960 the epic (200+ minutes) Otto Preminger film based on the Leon Uris novel starred Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Sir Ralph Richardson, and Sal Mineo who received an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Exodus was awarded the coveted Oscar for best score in 1961, winning the award over the films Elmer Gantry (Andre Previn), Spartacus (Alex North), The Alamo (Dimitri Tiomkin), The Magnificent Seven (Elmer Bernstein) and Psycho (Bernard Herrmann). In addition he also won two Grammy awards for best soundtrack and best song of the year. The theme from Exodus has gone on to become one of the more popular film melodies of all time, being on 100's of different compilation albums. The Ferrante and Teicher version climbed all the way to #2 on the Billboard charts.

In addition, at the time of this writing Soundtrack Collector has listed (25) recordings of the score material. Why then did Tadlow choose to reconstruct and record this material yet again? This reviewer can remember purchasing a new RCA LP #LOC1058 when it was first released and being somewhat disappointed in the overall audio quality of the recording and the omission of a great amount of material (34 minutes instead of 80). Even the RCA LP was a re-recording of the original score performed by the Sinfonia of London conducted by the composer. Thus the answer is a complete recording with far superior sound. There is a lot more to Exodus than just the famous melody. In fact if someone wanted to take the themes like Korngold did with some of his Hollywood scores and adapt it to a symphony/tone poem the result would be most satisfying.

Otto Preminger requested Gold be on location in Israel and Cypress and Ernest immediately went to work using first impressions and the extensive research he had done. "Prelude" gives us the majestic main theme of hope and inspiration followed by a militaristic theme giving us a preview of what will come as the story unfolds. Gold perfectly sets a proper mood in "Summer in Cyprus", a lush, exotic, and tropical Mediterranean setting easily comes to mind. However, it suddenly changes into a Hebrew type theme which will be used as a motif throughout the film. "Escape / General" offers some excellent action / tension underscore with some frantic moments.

"The Tent" introduces the theme for Karen, one that sounds like someone sitting around a campfire playing an Americana tune on the harmonica. It is actually an accordion and it is given the string treatment before moving into further militaristic music. "Kitty" is a lovely romantic theme played by violin and piano and is also played in "Love is Where You Find It" with a larger orchestra. The main theme is not overused but carefully placed in the remainder of the score. Also included on the CD is a choral version of Exodus "This Land is Mine", words by Pat Boone.

The remaining 50+ minutes of the second CD include two waltzes from Gold from his films "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and "Ship of Fools". "Judith", a Sol Kaplan score, previously recorded material (Silva SILCD 1183) from the Goldsmith score of QB VII, (Queen's Bench #7) Schindler's List, Cast A Giant Shadow, and two Exodus theme arrangements, one by Gold for a Decca recording in the 60's featuring the cello and a Fitzpatrick (executive producer) symphonic overture of the main and other themes from the score.

This reviewer can only marvel at the vast improvement of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. They have gone from high school like to a first class ensemble over the last few years. I'm confident in saying that Tadlow and Silva have had something to do with their development. Not only will soundtrack collectors want this for their collection but also just the casual listener will find this to be a satisfying experience. Highly recommended.


CD 1: 61.49
1. Prelude (2.42)
2. Summer in Cyprus (1.55)
3. Escape / The General (2.06)
4. Ari (3.49)
5. On the Beach * (2.06)
6. The Tent – Karen / Lorries / The Convoy * (4.13)
7. The Star of David * (0.40)
8. Odenheim's Death / Karen’s Story * (4.02)
9. Approaching Haifa / The Oath * (3.03)
10. Kitty * (2.02)
11. Akiva's Hideout (1.41)
12. Love is Where You Find It / The Valley of Jezreel * (6.08)
13. Yad El / He is Dead * (2.26)
14. Goodbye / Intermission Music – Fight for Survival (2.44)
15. Karen's Father (In Jerusalem) (3.51)
16. Akiva's Arrest * (3.21)
17. Execution Chamber / Don't Let my Brother Die * (1.36)
18. Acre Prison / The Chess Game (Conspiracy) * (5.41)
19. D-Day / The Bombs (Prison Break) * (7.43)

CD 2: 70.59
1. The Arsenal * (1.26)
2. The Operation * (1.47)
3. Children on the Hill * (2.04)
4. Dawn / Finale – The Fight for Peace (6.45)
5. Exit Music - Hatikvah (3.30)
6. Exodus – This Land is Mine (2.20)

Bonus Tracks
7. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - Exit Music (2.06)
8. Ship of Fools - Candlelight and Silver Waltz (5.11)
9. Judith – Main Title Music (4.09)

QB VII - Jerry Goldsmith
10. Main Title (2.02)
11. The Holocaust (2.52)
12. Visit to the Sheikh (2.14)
13. The Wailing Wall (3.15)
14. Kaddish for the Six Million (3.20)

Schindler's List - John Williams
15. Schindler's List (4.18)
16. Remembrances (5.55)

Cast a Giant Shadow - Elmer Bernstein
17. Prelude (3.00)
18. Land of Hope (3.21)

19. Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra (6.56)
20. Concert Overture (4.28)

* Contains previously unrecorded music
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Released by

Tadlow TADLOW 007 (limited release 2009)

Conducted by

Nic Raine

Performed by

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra