James Newton Howard

" James Newton Howard pushing out a simple but lovely one "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

There's a reason why men can't have babies, and it's evident after seeing Junior. Even though I enjoyed the film for what it is, you can not call this one of the highlights of Arnold Schwarzenegger's rich career. Nor for Ivan Reitman's career, nor for Danny DeVito, nor for Emma Thompson, nor for James Newton Howard. So, despite the heavyweights before and after the camera, labor has never been any harder than seeing Arnie mentioning 'I'll be back ... for labor."

Luckily, the more ridiculous it sounds for a composer, the better. After all, straight serious music for ridiculous movies have often worked marvelously for composers. However here, James Newton Howard keeps it light and simple, endearing even and sweet. Therefore "Is There a Mother" opens as one expects it, with soft strings and sweet tinkling melodies. The comical interludes are also on board, and give the cue "Diana Moves In" the necessary light weight. And "Main Titles" is as expected the ideal mix between the light Dave and more specifically the lovely melody of Liar Liar (of which Newton Howard composed the themes). The fanfare (which returns with a variation in "Labor") at the end just enlightens it all the more. The same can be said about the sprightly beginning of "My Body, My Choice" or the brief fantastical fanfare in "First Pregnant Man".

Meaning, there's hardly a wrong word that can be said of Junior. It's what you expect, and it's what the movie requires. James Newton Howard will thrill his fans with little fanfares and sweet enough music to make Junior worth it. For most, it will depend on what they want or what they expect. If you expect music for a film as Junior, you'll not be offended or even disappointed at all. If you think Junior is ready to push out a big baby, think again.

Favorite Moment: Main Titles (1.59 - 2.36)
You gotta love those Dave like happy moments

Track Listing

1. Is There a Mother (2.28)
2. Diana Moves In (1.14)
3. Main Titles (2.39)
4. The Lab (4.16)
5. Thunder and Lightning (2.33)
6. My Body, My Choice (2.08)
7. Natural Born Mother (1.34)
8. Labor (4.06)
9. First Pregnant Man (3.11)
10. It's a Girl (2.41)
11. Junior (2.57)
12. I've Got You Under My Skin: Cassandra Wilson (3.06)
13. Are You in the Mood: Stephane Grappelli (3.28)

Total Length: 36.21
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD 5558 (regular release 1994)

Conducted by

Artie Kane

Orchestrations by

Chris Boardman, Brad Dechter, Don Nemitz & James Newton Howard