Alan Silvestri

" Synth Silvestri and Symphonic Silvestri go hand in hand "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Overboard felt like the first time all star couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell played together on screen, but that's not exactly true. In was in fact the third and final time. And even though this little detail didn't do Overboard any good (it was mildly successful at the box office and with critics), the movie is nonetheless a semi comedy cult classic. A movie I also happily remember for Alan Silvestri's score. And when Music Box Records finally released a full limited version of it in 2011, it was time to revisit those happy memories again.

And all possible fears aside, Overboard is actually still very pleasant material. The opening track "Main Titles" doesn't sound so outdated as I remember it. The synthesized sitar (or whatever it tries to represent) with the pleasant beat and synth vocals actually bring back fond memories of A) a happy harmless time B) Romancing the Stone. "Crabs'R'Us" and "Making Lunch" might put those fond memories back a bit with a more dated synthesizer moment (which gets a complete orchestral violin scherzo in "Daily Chores" later on) but the lovely piano version of the love theme will directly bring you back in "I'm Sorry". That love theme returns in "Something Not Horrible" and for the first time fully orchestral in "The Jig's Up" (delivering those fond Father of the Bride romance strings for good).

In between all that lies more synthesized beat ("She Really is Something (Alternate Mix)", the funny "Water Fight / Chase Mom / Couch Puppies" or the pleasant "Dreamboat"), the on edge determination of "Turning the Boat Around", a jazzy performance of the love theme in "World's Best" and 2 love theme versions in the soft finale "Annie and Dean" and in the soaring one "Finale" For the first time ever released in stereo (and with lots of tracks never used in film) Overboard feels like material for the fan of Alan Silvestri and more specifically from the 80's. It is neither ground breaking material nor important stuff, but there's a typical Alan Silvestri charm running through the veins of the synthesized / symphonic score of Overboard. Enough to make it worth an occasional listen of your evening. Especially for the always memorable love theme versions of Silvestri's romantic comedies.

Favorite Moment - Finale (4.15 - 5.00)
Go soaring romantic Silvestri Go!

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (3.59)
2. Welcome Home (1.26)
3. Crabs'R'Us (1.17)
4. I'm Sorry (1.24)
5. She Really is Something (Alternate Mix) (2.08)
6. Water Fight / Chase Mom / Couch Puppies (1.34)
7. Making Lunch (1.04)
8. Something Not Horrible (1.46)
9. No Boom Boom / There Is a God (1.18)
10. Dreamboat * (2.43)
11. Daily Chores * (1.03)
12. The Jig's Up (3.19)
13. Turning the Boat Around (1.53)
14. World's Best * (2.10)
15. Daily Chores (Alternate) * (1.58)
16. Annie and Dean (3.10)
17. Finale (5.03) Excellent track
18. Love Theme from Overboard * (2.00)
19. Finale (Alternate) * (5.04) Excellent track

*not used in film

Total Length: 44.19
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(total of 7 votes - average 2.43/5)

Released by

Music Box Records MBR-007 (limited release 2011)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by

James B. Campbell