The Saint of Fort Washington

James Newton Howard

" perfect background material "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Saint of Fort Washington (starring Danny Glover and Matt Dillon who won best actor at the 1993 Stockholm Film Festival for his performance) goes about a young man with schizophrenic tendencies (Dillon) who turns to a homeless military veteran (Glover) for help on how to survive on the streets. Sounds dramatic and moody, and that's exactly what you will get whilst listening to the score of James Newton Howard. Howard who was going through a dramatic period in the 90's turned in an effort that will calm down the population, and deliver fonds memories of his greatest blockbuster score of that year (The Fugitive).

After all, the tone of "Main Titles" might deliver a wonderful dramatic theme that isn't linked to The Fugitive, but it's the upcoming saxophone that gives it away. Plus, the bells deliver a sound after that that fans were happy to see resurfacing in the giant hit Waterworld. After that comes my favorite track of this disc, "Sewing Money". The beat, the playful dancing melody (The Emperor's Club anyone?) and the ethnic instrumentation together delivers a tune that listens easy on the ears. What follows at the end of this track is nothing more than a return to the darker on edge rhythm of Grand Canyon. Or as you already noticed it, 2 tracks far and a lot of sounds of other Newton Howard scores.

The darker piano + ER synthetic beat during "Rosario", the soft on edge finale in "The Rainstorm", the return of the main theme in "Matthew Takes a Picture" (including bells) and the angrier beat + electric guitar in "Back to the Shelter" all deliver James Newton Howard's intentions to deliver surreal mood, a sound that perfectly reflects Dillon's lack of realism of the world he's living in, heightened by the on edge instrumentation of an electric guitar. The gentle piano and oboe in "Matthew's Casket" deliver a touching finale of this soundtrack, followed by "End Titles" which reprises again the main dramatic theme and solo trumpet moment. The Saint of Fort Washington is perfect background material, often linking itself to other James Newton Howard scores or even moments of scores past, present and future. In short it's material that's perfect for a fan. In long it's perhaps not enough for something everlasting.

Favorite Moment - Sewing Money (0.17 - 1.46)
Feel good music to hold on to

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (4.42)
2. Sewing Money (4.46)
3. Rosario (4.40)
4. The Rainstorm (3.11)
5. Matthew Takes a Picture (3.21)
6. Back to the Shelter (2.32)
7. Matthew's Casket (2.22)
8. End Titles (4.25)

Total Length: 29.59
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(total of 2 votes - average 2.5/5)

Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5444 (regular release 1993)

Orchestrations by

James Newton Howard