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  1. Some updates from La La Land Records:

    BEVERLY HILLS COP (less than 200 remain),

    We are celebrating our release of FEUD – BETTE AND JOAN, a remarkable dramatization of the Golden Age Era, with a great sale on great score titles from that exciting time of classic movie music!




    Sale prices begin 3/13 at 12 noon (pst) and are good thru 3/26
    Only at www.lalalandrecords.com
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  2. Announced today (fixed the announcement a little):

    Will begin shipping the week of March 26th, 2018

    (BuySoundtrax ordering page)

    Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed by BuySoundtrax Records, will be releasing STARGATE SG-1: CHILDREN OF THE GODS – THE FINAL CUT, featuring music composed by Joel Goldsmith (STARGATE UNIVERSE, STARGATE ATLANTIS, THE UNTOUCHABLES) for the pilot episode of the long running television series developed and produced by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner, starring Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge.

    Based on the popular 1994 science fiction film STARGATE, created by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, STARGATE SG-1 premiered on the Showtime channel in July 1997 and later moved to the SCI FI Channel in June 2002. The story of STARGATE SG-1 began about a year after the events of the theatrical film, when the United States government learns about an ancient alien device, the Stargate, and its ability to access a network of other Stargates on a multitude of other planets. The SG-1 teams, consisting of soldiers from the United States armed services and scientists, were quickly formed to explore the galaxy and and defend Earth against alien threats such as the Goa’uld, the antagonists from the feature film, and other races. The main SG-1 team consisted of Colonel Jack O’Neill (Anderson), Dr. Daniel Jackson (Shanks), Major Samantha Carter (Tapping) and the alien Teal’c (Judge). The series was a ratings success and ran for ten seasons, some 214 episodes. Joel Goldsmith was the primary composer for STARGATE SG-1 and continued to lead the charge when the franchise expanded to include STARGATE: ATLANTIS and STARGATE: UNIVERSE.

    Joel Goldsmith was born on November 19th, 1957, Los Angeles, California, the third of four children of singer Sharon Hennagin and legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith. Since his first cinematic composition, a collaboration with then-newcomer Richard Band on the low-budget science fiction thriller, LASERBLAST (1978), Joel scored a number of feature and television films throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, including the sci-fi series SUPER FORCE (1990), Roland Emmerich’s early sci-fi thriller MOON 44 (1990), and Jim Wynorski’s gentle family comedy, LITTLE MISS MILLIONS (1993). After THE UNTOUCHABLES, Joel went on to score the TV series HAWKEYE (1994), BAD BLOOD (1994, aka VIPER), Jim Wynorski’s VAMPIRELLA (1996), KULL THE CONQUEROR (1997), TV’s WITCHBLADE (2000), HELEN OF TROY and several iterations of the STARGATE TV series (1997-2011). He also provided synthesized sound effects for STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (1979) and composed additional music for STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (1996). Tragically, Joel passed away at the age of 54 on April 29, 2012, from cancer.

    The first episode of STARGATE SG-1 was titled ‘Children Of The Gods’. Composer Joel Goldsmith wrote a complete score for the episode but the decision was made in post production by MGM to also include selections from the score composed for the 1994 feature film. At the time of the episode’s debut, a soundtrack album was released by Milan Records that was representative of the music used in the episode, which included a portion of Joel’s score along with selections from David Arnold’s score for the feature film, with a running time of nearly 45 minutes. In 2009, producer Brad Wright received permission from MGM, the studio that owns the franchise, to recut ‘Children Of The Gods’ and present it as it was originally intended, which included restoring Joel Goldsmith’s orchestral score. Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed by BuySoundtrax Records, presents STARGATE SG-1: CHILDREN OF THE GODS – THE FINAL CUT, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, featuring forty minutes of previously unreleased music. The booklet contains liner notes written by series creator and executive producer Brad Wright.

    STARGATE SG-1: CHILDREN OF THE GODS – THE FINAL CUT is a limited edition of 1000 units.

    STARGATE SG-1: CHILDREN OF THE GODS – THE FINAL CUT is available for pre-order at www.buysoundtrax.com and is expected to start shipping the week of March 26th.

    1. STARGATE SG-1: Main Title (1:02)
    2. Opening Titles / Goa'uld Attack / Opening Titles Pt.2 / Opening Credits Pt. 3 (6:33)
    3. They Glowed / O'Neil Spills The Beans (2:55)
    4. Remember Skaara / Tissue Box Message (3:08)
    5. Return Message (1:15)
    6. Return to Abydos / Hello Jack (3:39)
    7. Evening Meal / Rejection and Death (6:38)
    8. Attack & Abduction / Return to Earth (8:20)
    9. Goa'uld Dungeon (1:37)
    10. Daniel and Jack / Trading Stories (2:41)
    11. SG-1 Rescue Mission (2:25)
    12. Symbiote Transfer (2:57)
    13. On The Trail (1:55)
    14. Chulak (2:26)
    15. The New Queen (1:20)
    16. Where Are You From? / Hell Freezes Over / Five Hours (1:58)
    17. The Choosing / Teal'c’s Choice / Escape to Earth/ Finale (19:21)
    18. End Titles (1:59)
    19. STARGATE SG-1: End Credits (0:58)

    Total Time 73:55
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  3. Previously MV told us more new James Bond score expansions -- since they did "Die Another Day" 2CD -- would be based upon sales and that EON was watching. We got an update yesterday:

    Just about half way sold out. EON was very happy with the experience and product.


    So, it looks like we may be getting more.
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  4. "King of Kings" re-recording update today:

    Reconstruction has started ......... 10 months to go to recording dates.... smile
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  5. As posted by a user at the FSM forum:

    Four more titles have been added to the Danger Zone:

    Baby's Day Out - less than 200 remaining
    Edward Scissorhands - less than 150 remaining
    Good Morning Vietnam / Operation Dumbo Drop - less than 200 remaining
    Lady in White / Frankie Goes to Tuscany - less than 150 remaining

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  6. 150 of fewer copies remaining:
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2018
    Has anyone heard the re-mastered Rain Man from BSX?
    listen to more classical music!
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2018
    sdtom wrote
    Has anyone heard the re-mastered Rain Man from BSX?

    Not BSX, but NoteforNote is the name of the label. I've only heard the samples on the site, and they sound marvelous!
    I am extremely serious.
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2018
    BSX is the distributor, sorry
    listen to more classical music!
  7. Excited to hear it, and also to press delete on that old shitty Perseverance "release".
  8. Low quantities alert from LLLR:


    Last 30 units for the 80's sci fi classic D.A.R.Y.L. by Marvin Hamlisch!

    On sale for only $5.00!!!



    We are down to the final 30 units on Danny Elfman's Holiday classic SCROOGED!

    Only $15.98!



    We are down to our final 30 units on Basil Poledouris' classic score to FLESH AND BLOOD!


    Grab it before it's gone for good!


    We will always love you, but the Alan Silvestri score to the hit film THE BODYGUARD won't always be around!

    We are down to the last 30 units! Once they are gone, they are gone for good!

    Just $15.98!

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
    • CommentAuthorlitefoot
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2018
    I've just been reading the Storyteller thread on FSM. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Naxos now the distributor for Varese, and the package values aren't being marked down anymore? People in Europe may get a hefty tax bill from their local customs in order to get their parcel.

    Has anyone in Europe ordered stuff from Varese lately and been hit by customs?
  9. Going bye-bye early alert:

    Up, Up and AWAY....goes Superman The Animated Series

    We are down to the final 15 units of this fantastic 4 cd set. We will not be pressing up any more copies so now is your chance to grab the animated man of steel before he goes out of print faster than a speeding bullet!



    Last Call for SMALLVILLE!

    We are down to the last 21 units of our 2 cd set to the hit television show SMALLVILLE.

    Grab it now before it flies away forever!

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
    • CommentAuthorlitefoot
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2018
    Busy day of releases. Steiner boxset, Mandel from Intrada, Kaplan from SAE, and LLL's May flyer later.
  10. Yes. From the once-in-a-few-years FSM spin-off label Counterpoint today:

    Counterpoint continues its globe-trotting journey with Sol Kaplan by following up the Australian-set KANGAROO with an adventure that takes place in Argentina: WAY OF A GAUCHO. The 1952 film blends elements of the American West with the wild and untamed scenery of the Argentinian pampas. Kaplan’s score, conducted by Alfred Newman, includes exciting action music and a gorgeous love theme. This new release includes the complete score (plus some deleted cues), beautifully restored by producer Mike Matessino. To learn more, listen to samples and place your order, visit http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_de … -A-GAUCHO/

    The Steiner set from BYU:

    BYU-FMA, Screen Archives Entertainment and Chelsea Rialto Studios are proud to announce the new 3-CD box set CAGED: THE DARK SIDE OF MAX STEINER. This historic album features music from seven films noir composed by Steiner during his Warner Bros. post-war period.

    In addition to CAGED, other classic Steiner scores included are KEY LARGO, THE UNFAITHFUL, FLAMINGO ROAD, BACKFIRE, THE BREAKING POINT, and LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE. These works represent Steiner underscoring psychological drama with alternatingly intense and introspective accompaniment. The CD’s include all of the surviving music from the scores represented, including music not used in the films and alternate tracks featuring Max working the orchestra.

    CAGED has become a cult classic and features Oscar-nominated performances by Eleanor Parker and Hope Emerson, as well as an Oscar-nominated screenplay. Max Steiner’s score brilliantly reflects the harrowing ordeal of a young girl sent to prison. KEY LARGO is John Huston’s film version of the Maxwell Anderson play. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson and Lionel Barrymore, the brilliant characterizations are sensitively given further depth by Steiner’s compositions. THE UNFAITHFUL was Warner Bros.’ reworking of their 1940 classic THE LETTER, with Ann Sheridan playing the role originally done by Bette Davis. Max Steiner had written an exotic score for the original and for the updated version he presents a far more urban musical setting. FLAMINGO ROAD is a film noir soap opera and Steiner provides a blowsy score that perfectly fits Joan Crawford’s social-climbing carnival girl. BACKFIRE and THE BREAKING POINT both feature minimal contributions by Max Steiner but LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE is an all-out penny-dreadful musical murder-go-round. Starring Ruth Roman, Richard Todd and Mercedes McCambridge, the film was directed by King Vidor with an acute eye for psychological terror and Steiner does his part admirably to aid in establishing the mood.

    All scores were recorded at Warner Bros. with orchestrations by Murray Cutter and conducted by Max Steiner. In addition to the soundtracks, the box set features a 36 page full-color booklet with essays by James V. D’Arc and Ray Faiola, as well as a generous amount of original photographs and publicity material. Disc mastering by Ray Faiola, Chelsea Rialto Studios. Package design by Jim Titus.

    Please visit Screen Archives for track timings, audio samples, and full ordering information:


    I'll link to the La La Land flyer when I see it posted at the FSM forums.
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  11. Releases for the month of May from La La Land Records.

    (Facebook flyer image link)


    "Superman IV" (Courage; 2CD set)

    "Cobra Kai" (expanded CD release to the forth coming series; presumably there is a shorter or will be a shorter download version)

    "Crisis on Earth-X"

    (more details on the flyer)


    Additional info' from MV on the Courage score:

    The master and musical content for Superman IV are the same as they were in the Blue Box. The notes have been reconfigured to go with this 2 cd set. Art direction, however, is all new courtesy of Jim Titus.

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2018
    justin boggan wrote

    "Superman IV" (Courage; 2CD set)

    Great to see it finally get a release outside the FSM box (overexpanded or not).
    I am extremely serious.
  12. A super update from La La Land today at the FSM forum:

    Without giving our 2018 plans away completely, you might want to put your thinking caps on and consider the possibilities of what may come out in the future. Superman IV, according to album producer Mike Matessino, was perfect as is and didn't need to be messed with... and that's all I will say about any other Superman music at this time. smile

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  13. I got the sent note from Amazon. The newly remastered versions of STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI will be with me tomorrow. Since I never had an issue with the sound of the remaining three scores I refrained from buying them now. Sadly it will be weeks till I will find time to make in depth comparisons with the original CDs, the Arista/Fox ones and the RCA/Sony ones.
    Beforehand it's great to have a (hopefully) state of the art release of of one of the most famous soundtrack albums of all time and - for the first time - to have the 2LP version of EMPIRE on CD. Their content don't differ much from the Arista/Fox versions though. Also the Arista presentation of JEDI is vastly superior. So I believe the STAR WARS Trilogy Arista versions will remain on my music player.

    Bach's music is vibrant and inspired.
  14. Not coming any time soon:

    "On the Right Track" (Arthur B. Rubinstein)

    Posted by Roger over at the Intrada forum May 6, 2018:
    Been trying for years. Elements are missing.
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  15. FSM update:

    Also, we sold out of the ST:TNG box set. We didn't make the full 5000 we had planned (I can't find my notes as to how many we did make) but can't afford to make any more. The first 12 discs are still available digitally—the rare time when I was able to get those download rights.

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  16. A sale and a low quantity update from La La Land Records:

    Our release of COBRA KAI has us beaming with 80’s nostalgia, so we’re offering these great iconic titles at knockout prices! Sale prices start 5/22 at noon (pst) and are good thru 6/4.

    ONLY $10 EACH:


    ONLY $15 EACH:

    FRIDAY THE 13th PARTS 2/3 (2-CD SET)

    ONLY $20 EACH:

    KRULL (2-CD SET)

    ONLY $100:



    Less than 50 copies of John Ottman’s fantastic 2-CD SET of SUPERMAN RETURNS remain! Once they are gone, this title is out of print, so get yours now!
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  17. Various comments from the last few months, that I got lazy and didn't cover originally, by MV from La La Land Records on various things (LARGE update):

    On when to expect Volume 4 of "The X-Files":
    Vol IV will either be out Fall 2018 or 1st qtr 2019

    When "Matrix: Reloaded" will be back in stock (may already be now):

    When "Broken Arrow" will be back in stock (that comment was made May 26):
    In 2 to 3 weeks. Last batch of 500 units

    Various hints:
    We have tons of projects in the works...lots of stuff with Fox, Univeral, Sony, Paramount and, of course, WB. I'm sure we will have a log jam at year's end like we usually do.

    In other words, fasten your seat belts I'm sure it's gonna be another bumpy year!


    Certainly but things at wb are at a stand still for the rest of 2018. They are working on an internal project that is monopolizing most of their time (taking away from doing historical releases for the the time being)...although, we do have some projects hopefully coming by year's end from them.


    Friday the 13th game -- still happening

    Blindspot - as much as I dug the music the sales were sadly not there to warrant any additional season releases.

    .TD - no projects in the works.

    (that's Tangerine Dream)

    On whether "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" will be coming this year or next:
    Nope. 2019

    On whether they might do "Kingdom of Heaven" and/or "Last of the Mochicans":
    Mohicans is Morgan Creek. Might be up Intradas creek

    KINGDOM is on our to do list, but it may not happen. Depends on the Disney deal


    Alias would be Varese or Intrada territory

    Supernatural may be a possibility in the future

    1411 is delayed due to TC, but it's not Top Gun! That issue is being resolved as I type.


    We will hopefully have it out this summer

    (that's Tom Cruise)

    FSM user:
    What % chance would you give to the following releases, MV?

    1) An expanded version of Zimmer's The Thin Red Line
    2) An expanded version of Horner's Legends of the Fall?
    3) A release of Horner's rejected Romeo & Juliet?

    ONLY TIME WILL TELL...because my lips are sealed!


    On whether or not they might do "Child's Play 2" (Revell/Walker):

    Its certainly high on our wish list

    On whether or not they can do "Brazil" (Kamen):
    Brazil is in prep to Milan like backdraft

    (he meant "perpetuity")

    On whether they have any Bill Conti titles coming:
    Sorta...kinda...not really

    Hard to say. lol


    I asked if "Coming to America" is possible:
    His Royal Highness deserves a release

    I also asked about "Beverly Hills Cop III" and the pilot a few years ago that didn't air (scored by Robert Duncan):
    Yes for the 3 and no for the pilot unless we can add it to 3

    General comment:
    All Fox projects will most likely be out before end of the year

    FSM user:
    What are the chances of a release of Sylvester Levay's "Mannequin"?

    No and most likely it will never happen sad

    FSM user:
    Any update re Police Academy 2, please? smile

    Any Jarre or Bernstein in the works? smile



    And maybe

    On the won't happen/still trying/isn't possible tug-of-war on "Ghostbusters"
    On going lol

    (March 18, 2018)

    On James Bond. Previously MV said future releases depended on how well of the Arnold title does. An update:
    Just about half way sold out. EON was very happy with the experience and product.


    On any "Battlestar Galactica" (McCreary):
    Nothing is in the pipeline for now.


    FSM user:
    Hello MV. Any chance on the following titles being released in the future

    Time Bandits


    Streets of Fire

    The Wraith

    always a chance

    On expanding any of the Zimmer Batman scores:

    They keep the new Bat-franchise close to the vest.


    On whether they might do "Chaplin" (Barry):
    Certainly on the radar. I love the score and film

    On whether they might do "Dark Crystal" (Jones) or "Dracula" (Kilar):
    DC - not from us

    DRAC - would love to


    FSM user:
    Any plans for a stand-alone release of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives?

    Yes. 2019

    On the original "MacGyver" series:
    Seeing what can be done. Blame Canada

    On "Star Trek: Voyager" (Voilume 2):
    Jan 2019

    On whether "Towering Inferno" (Williams) will be out this year:
    Only time shall tell

    On whether anymore John Morris titles are coming:

    On the possibility of other Friday the 13th titles being expanded:

    And what is and what is not coming this year:
    No more Trek this year
    No Batman titles
    Williams' titles be coming...same with Horner, Goldsmith and Newman
    ANNE FRANK not this year
    At least one Golden Age set in the works
    At least 3 LP releases coming

    Oh and in June we are revamping our entire website.


    And they will likely do a second volume to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" sometime 2019.
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  18. Pray for your wallets and cover Thor's eyes:

    I know the CD Club is a little late this year but I am so happy to announce that I completed the next batch (four of them!) before I left for Krakow FMF this year and so ... on Monday, June 18 we will announce the first official batch of CD Club titles for our 40th anniversary year! So exciting! Circle the date and visit us then at VareseSarabande.com
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2018
    Pray for your wallets and cover Thor's eyes:

    Not sure why. Could be some great premiere releases here, not necessarily C&C releases of tried and true titles. Time will tell!
    I am extremely serious.
  19. A small update on where Intrada's still upcoming release of "Conan the Destroyer" lies (posted yesterday):

    We have a couple of Universal titles coming out next month if they can get through the system in time. Not Conan though. Still working through paperwork on that one.
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  20. A sample of a mystery title that Note For Note is working on:

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  21. New from Music Box Records:

    Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music Composed by Philippe Sarde
    Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
    Conducted by Carlo Savina

    New remastered and expanded edition.
    66 minutes of music, including 20 minutes of music never released before.
    12-page CD booklet with liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer.
    Limited Edition of 500 units.

    Ref: MBR-136
    Release Date: July 9, 2018

    In collaboration with Pathé Films, Music Box Records presents the remastered and expanded 30th anniversary edition of Philippe Sarde’s score to the 1988 adventure film The Bear directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Quest for Fire, Wolf Totem).

    The Bear was released on 19 October 1988 in France, and 27 October 1989 in the United States. The film was a huge success in France. Adapted from the novel The Grizzly King by American author James Oliver Curwood, the screenplay was written by Gérard Brach (The Tenant, The Name of the Rose). The film tells the story of Youk, a playful and clumsy orphaned bear cub who travels through the preserved landscapes of British Colombia in the late 19th Century and befriends an adult male grizzly. This budding friendship is threatened by the unrelenting chase of two hunters. There are no dialogues in the film: sounds and atmospheres, lights, landscapes and music carry the meaning of the story instead of language.

    For the score, Jean-Jacques Annaud wished the music to be built around a theme that would be easy to remember and chose the Barcarolle from op.37a of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Seasons. Philippe Sarde decided to transform this simple and touching melody for piano into a great symphonic piece. He also composed various original themes, oscillating between orchestral denseness and more intimate moments. Carlo Savina conducted the London Symphony Orchestra. The album also includes bonus tracks with previously unreleased variations on Tchaikovsky’s theme, recorded by Philippe Sarde at the time of the production, and played by great soloists such as Keith Harvey (cello), Michael Davis (violin), John Williams (guitar) and Hubert Laws (flute).

    Assembled by Édouard Dubois and supervised by the composer, this newly remastered album features the same program as the previous vinyl and CD editions released in 1988; but rather than presenting this content as suites, the album offers new editing choices and a new order to ensure the best possible listening experience. The 12-page booklet features exclusive liner notes by writer Sylvain Pfeffer discussing the film and the score with new comments by Philippe Sarde and Jean-Jacques Annaud.


    1. Pastorale (04:46)
    2. Liberté (01:43)
    3. Festin interrompu (01:51)
    4. Apprentissage de la solitude (02:09)
    5. La menace (01:27)
    6. L'amitié (02:13)
    7. Hallucinations (01:59)
    8. Funestes présages (05:33)
    9. La fuite (02:01)
    10. Veillée et aube (04:27)
    11. La traque (04:03)
    12. Orphelin (03:16)
    13. La meute (02:50)
    14. Épilogue (03:26)
    15. Générique fin (03:32)

    16. Variation 1 (Dolce) (01:47)
    17. Variation 2 (Giocoso) (03:20)
    18. Variation 3 (Con malinconia) (03:54)
    19. Thème (04:22)
    20. Variation 4 (Con spirito) (02:53)
    21. Variation 5 (Doloroso) (03:42)

    Total Time • 66:10

    For sound clips, please visit: https://www.musicbox-records.com/en/632 … -bear.html

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music Composed by Philippe Jakko

    World Premiere CD Release.
    8-page CD booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai.
    Limited Edition of 300 units.

    Ref: MBR-141
    Release Date: July 9, 2018

    In collaboration with MovieScore Media, Music Box Records is pleased to present the premiere CD release of the score to the 2017 thriller film Kaufman’s Game (2017) composed by French composer Philippe Jakko (Allies, Le Cœur en braille aka Heartstrings).

    Written and directed by Helier Bissell-Thomas, Kaufman’s Game tells the story of Stanley (Jye Frasca), a young man who dreams of becoming a champion boxer despite the fact his physical build makes him unsuitable for such heavy workload. When a stranger approaches him outside the gym with the offer of a specially produced steroid, Stanley gets drawn into the increasingly more violent operations of a powerful organization, while unwittingly entering into a series of tests designed to prove his mettle.

    “The music had to be eerie, ominous, mysterious, with tension as a modern film noir,” explains Philippe Jakko about the project. “In order to keep an anxiogenic ambiance, I used unusual harmonies, atonal moments, glissandi, quarter tones; harmonics. But I didn’t want it to sound like an horror soundtrack, the music has to be sometimes cold, other times it needed to be warmer. I also used traditional leitmotif techniques, such as giving Stanley a soft piano arpeggio or a Moog synth for the Mafia guys.” The score uses a small ensemble of strings, horns, electronic synths, cristal baschet, vintage organ, programmings and a few parts for cello, played by soloist Eve-Marie Caravassilis.

    The 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai, discussing the film and the score, based on an original interview with the composer. Limited edition of 300 units.


    1. Kaufman’s Adagio (3:16)
    2. The Boxer (2:14)
    3. Mafia on Rooftop, Pt. 1 (3:55)
    4. The Needle (3:04)
    5. The Shower (1:24)
    6. Stanley in the Building (2:45)
    7. Kaufman (7:19)
    8. Running (1:40)
    9. London Night (4:18)
    10. Gunshot in the Street (5:22)
    11. The Crypt (4:59)
    12. A Good Scare (3:45)
    13. Remember My Father (5:16)
    14. Stanley (1:25)
    15. Mafia at Night (1:27)
    16. The Chemist (4:23)
    17. Mafia on Rooftop, Pt. 2 (2:40)
    18. Stanley on the Bridge (1:24)
    19. The Dream (1:55)
    20. Epilogue (1:45)

    Total Time • 64:17

    For sound clips, please visit: https://www.musicbox-records.com/en/632 … -game.html
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  22. Three new releases (I'm behind here) from Music Box Records:

    Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra
    Conducted by Pablo Urbina
    Edited and Mastered by Chris Malone
    Limited edition of 500 units

    Quartet Records presents its first collaboration with the Málaga Film Music Festival (MOSMA) with the release of this live concert dedicated to Michael Kamen, recorded in Málaga in June 2016.

    Michael Kamen was one of the most well-known and beloved composers within the film industry for more than three decades. He worked on such successful blockbusters as Die Hard, X-Men, Lethal Weapon, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Three Musketeers and the James Bond film Licence to Kill. He collaborated with such directors as Francis Ford Coppola, David Cronenberg, Stephen Herek, John McTiernan, Brad Bird, Tony Scott, Peter Yates and Terry Gilliam. In other music fields, Michael Kamen worked with pop and rock legends such as Eric Clapton, Sting, Rod Stewart, Freddy Mercury, Bryan Adams, Eurythmics and Metallica.

    This concert tribute, produced by the composer's family with the assistance of his widow, Mrs. Sandra Kamen, and performed by the Málaga Philhamonic Orchestra under the baton of Pablo Urbina, was presented as part of the first MOSMA. It encompasses some of his best-known works, from the world premiere of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen suite to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; from the vibrant Highlanders to his most energic action scores (Die Hard, Lethal Weapon), as well as some of his most beautiful melodies (Don Juan de Marco, Band of Brothers).

    Brilliantly performed and energetically conducted, this CD was recorded live during the concert. It has been restored and mastered by Chris Malone, bringing the great experience of celebrating Kamen’s music on that special evening back to life. The CD also includes the “MOSMA Fanfare” composed and conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich especially for the Festival.

    Track list:
    01. Mosma Fanfare (Composed by Arturo Díez Boscovich) (0:54)
    02. Highlander (4:26)
    03. Don Juan de Marco (6:06)
    04. Action Suite (Licence to Kill / Die Hard / Lethal Weapon 2 / From the Earth to the Moon) (13:05)
    05. Mr. Holland's Opus (7:59)
    06. Comedy Suite (101 Dalmatians / Jack) (6:01)
    07. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (12:34)
    08. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (13:10)
    09. Edge of Darkness (5:48)
    10. Band of Brothers (3:58)

    Music Composed and Orchestrated by Panu Aaltio
    Album Produced by Panu Aaltio and Mikael Carlsson
    Limited edition of 300 units

    Quartet Records and Moviscore Media presents the energetic adventure score of IFMCA Award winning Finnish composer Panu Aaltio.

    Based on the award-winning children’s novel by Paula Noronen, Super Furball tells the story of Emilia whose chance encounter with a guinea pig gives her special powers which she must learn to use. The classic superhero origin story is given a furry twist and an empowering message as Emilia not only uses her gift to stand up to bullies at school, but also solves an environmental crisis that poses a danger to her home in Helsinki.

    Aaltio's score is a fun twist on the superhero genre with strong thematic material for our furry protagonist, as well as warmer, more pastoral material for the main heroine who must solve domestic issues in her human form. There's also great action writing for the numerous action sequences, including "Learning to Fly" where our hero first gets accustomed to her unusual powers.

    The eight-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai with quotes from Panu Aaltio himself, discussing the score.

    Track list:
    01. Super Furball Theme (0:55)
    02. Prologue (1:47)
    03. Main Title (1:57)
    04. Late for School (1:46)
    05. Two Homes and a Running Wheel (1:48)
    06. Ominous Signs (3:09)
    07. Furball Taxi (3:49)
    08. Friends (2:28)
    09. Herring Here, Herring Everywhere (2:14)
    10. Emilia’s Transformation (3:08)
    11. First Meeting (2:15)
    12. Superhero, Difficulties (1:46)
    13. Learning to Fly (1:18)
    14. Underwater (4:38)
    15. The Herring Chief (1:55)
    16. A Talk with Dad (1:38)
    17. Bath Tub (2:09)
    18. The Water Park (3:14)
    19. A Herring Plan (3:04)
    20. Bullies (1:12)
    21. The Here We Need (5:55)
    22. Classroom Courage (1:25)
    23. Clean Water (2:06)

    Music Composed and Orchestrated by Panu Aaltio
    Album Produced by Panu Aaltio and Mikael Carlsson
    Limited edition of 300 units

    Quartet Records and MovieScore Media presents the emotionally charged sports epic score of IFMCA Award winning Finnish composer Panu Aaltio.

    Directed by Aleksi Mäkelä, 95 tells the story of the 1995 Ice Hockey World Championship. Hosted in neighboring Sweden, the Finnish national team had to go the extra mile in order to win its first ever championship, beating the Swedish team 4 to 1. The movie tells the ups and downs of the historical weekend of May 1995 – a date that no Finnish hockey fan can ever forget.

    The thematically rich score starts its powerhouse performance with "Training" which is about the team effort, and it's used to drive the character development of the players while "A Common Destiny" plays the ensemble theme that we use to tie together all these different dramatic stories. The composer has some comedic fun in 'The Royal Castle and the Three Goons', a theme for three guys who are so sure that Finland will lose that they travel to Sweden to act like idiots instead of watching the match.

    The eight-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai with quotes from Panu Aaltio himself, discussing the score.

    Track list:
    01. The End of a National Nightmare (2:47)
    02. A New Start (2:31)
    03. Ready for Battle / Motivation (4:44)
    04. Training and Great Expectations (2:06)
    05. Final Match and Panic Attack (3:48)
    06. The Goaie is Choking (1:34)
    07. A Final Wish / Daily Struggles (2:45)
    08. The Royal Castle and The Three Goons (2:46)
    09. Birgitta (0:57)
    10. A Common Destiny (2:17)
    11. Heroes (2:11)
    12. You Can Be Anything You Want (3:44)

    These three releases are now available for order and shipping. For more info and listen audio samples, please visit www.quartetrecords.com
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  23. Update from Quartet today:

    Tribute to Michael Kamen is now sold out!
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.