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    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2021
    Yes, it's hokey -- but so are the other INDY films, really. It's all B movie nonsense, with A movie budget. TEMPLE most of all. I think this particular aesthetic was "out of its time" in 2008, and that's one of the reasons for why it fared so poorly. But yeah -- I agree that some of the setpieces were a little CGI-ified and ridiculous, even within the Indy universe (the Tarzan stuff, the "roads in the jungle", the termites, the interdimensional beings).

    BUT....I like all the creative elements that Spielberg always puts into his films. He's terrible at comedies as a genre, but brilliant at subtle comedy through the film language itself, like in the editing, creative shots etc. Plenty of those in the film. I also like the fact that the old gang is back. I like the atmosphere in several scenes (first half of the jungle sequence, for example). The buildup at the nuclear site (pre-fridge). The bike/car chase scene that ends up in the library.

    Simply put, there are too many great moments to just dimiss it as a disaster, IMO.
    I am extremely serious.